Tuesday, December 4, 2012

with love hunt again and more

I can stay making pictures and add and add, because i love all the things that you can find now in sl. But for now this winter sphere pictures of Nic are enough. I make 2 post from all what i found today.

Nic shows you 2 skins that you can get at the with love hunt. Told about it yesterday. The first one is from Pink Fuel. That shop has awesome skins in my opinion. The second is from PXL. I didn't know the shop, but the skin is super. And thanks to Cilian Shepherd i found the black/ red box. I sended out an emergency for help in the womenstuff group, because i searched for hours in the shop. And she came and showed me where i could find it. First she told me she was a terribly bad hunter but i don't belief that anymore. I am the one who is a very bad hunter.
Close your eyes  hunters who like to hunt i go give the hint for very bad hunters in the next sentences.  Hint for other bad hunters: look at the place where the gatcha machines are and then outside up behind a huge "H". I remember that in the Pink Fuel shop it was easy somewhere back in the shop.
The red cape from Diram also is from the With Love Hunt. Far back in the shop is the box. Have a better look at the picture with the cape. Nic wears the choker and bangles from WTG, the november groupgift ( group join fee).

Choker and Bangles: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **C flat** November Group Gifts 2012 (unisex)
Red Cape: Diram - With Love From... Diram [#26] ( 10ld)
Skin with pink make up: Pink Fuel - With Love From... Pink Fuel [#50] ( 10ld)
Skin with red make-up: PXL - [PF] Alyx <Ivory> - Pony (WLH2) ( 10ld)
Fuhsia coat ( shown yesterday)

Bye bye, Nic

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