Friday, December 14, 2012

a beautiful winter place

Tjip and Nic are walking through a beautiful winter sim at Petit Pas. Tjip shows boots from Insomnia. It is a groupgift.They are green when you grab them, but you can recolor them. As i did. The jeans and the sweater are in the christmas groupgift from Rispetto Designs. Group join is 50ld but i think worthwhile. Because in this present you get 2 plain sweater colors( green and dark blue) and the same sweaters with a snowflake in front and mesh jeans in brown , blue and black. And near the christmas tree is also another gift coming. The scarf is from the POE5 hunt at Pelletteria Morrisey. The scarf comes in 3 pattern.
And because tjip wears green an encore in green below. A leather jacket in green from the Midnigh Mania at Poison. Watch the pattern on the left front side.

And isn't she looking stylish? The dress and boots from Nic are from a shop that is new to me: Athor from Claudia Dryke. I met her at the fashion show from Joeylin. She weared something that attracted my hawk eyes for nice design. So i asked her where she got the dress. She told me, that she designed it. May be she will put that dress in her shop. But untill now i didn't see it. But i discovered the groupgifts :). Killer boots ( dressed to kill) and the black and white dress. I love the sleeve parts of the dress. The skirt was for me too shiny but you can change that. Edit the skirt and go to texture. And stop full bright. As soon as the dress, that she weared, arrives in the shop i will inform you. Also nice sandals in lucky boards there.

Dress: Athor - *ATHOR* Gift dress ( free)
Boots: Athor - *ATHOR*_Dietrish Nouveau_BLACK ( free)
From inventory; Earrings - mandala; Hair - Dura; Skin - Poudre

Jeans and Sweater: Rispetto Designs - Rispetto Designs - Christmas Gifts (1-5) (free/group join 50ld)
Boots::INSOMNIA - INSOMNIA:Unisex Shoes ROOK. GREEN ( free)
Scarf: Pelletteria Morrisey - POE5Hunt Gift .:Pelletteria Morrisey:.
Leather jacket: >>>Poison<<< - >>>Poison<<< PYC jeans shirt_green_male & female (LB  free)

Bye bye, Nic

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