Tuesday, December 4, 2012

super warm coat

This coat is super and warm. So cozy for wintertime. It is the new release from !gO 30 november. The purple one is 50% off now. But i preferred this one. Nic uses an old scarf from Truth and truth hair. And ear mufflers from Yorim's Factory from long ago. But the shop is still there and cute.
The choker is from the Peace on Earth hunt (POE) at WTG. Easy to find near the groupgifts. POE hunt is a well-known gridwide hunt runs this year from Dec the first till Januari 2013 6th. You need find a globe.

Coat: !gO - !gO! *corduroy cloak* - white
Choker and ear pierce: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **xoanon** set POE%*Globe#19 ( free)
Earmuff: Yorim's Factory - (yorim's F) Ear muffs hako
Boots and pants from Coco

And here some encores.
A cute bag for free at Septem Essentia ( 2 colors)
and 2 bags ( the dotted and the croco)  for 10ld
The ring is from the With love hunt at Glow studio ( 10ld) ( with necklace and more color options)

Scroll the blog because i made another post today for you.
Bye bye, Nic

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