Monday, December 31, 2012


Tjip and Nic in Paris. Nic wears the New Years gift from Paris Metro. Tjip wears the Christmas gift from Paris Metro ( still there). There is ofcourse also a Christmas gift for women. A golden gown. The boards are outside the shop. Near where the pictures are made. For the New Years gift you have to go upstairs ( i think second floor on the table in the corner). Also a coctail dress you can pick up there.

Gown: Paris Metro - Paris METRO Couture: Goddess Jewels Champagne Gown ( free)
Tweed suit: Paris Metro Couture Paris Metro Couture Homme Tweed Suit Collection ( free)
Hair Nic: see yesterday
And thanks Verdant ( Spammie) for the hair you gave me.Isn't Nic looking sweet and pretty?

Bye bye, Nic

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Anonymous said...

Nic looks m a r v e l o u s in his tweed suit. Tjip looks so dreamy in her gown. A wonderful combination for a New Year's eve in SL!
Thank you for your artistry.
DrJ Cleanslate,
General Manager
Paris METRO Couture

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