Monday, December 3, 2012

the with love hunt and more

Sakide has a beautiful present for The With Love Hunt. Nic wears the top ) with lace pattern and mesh skirt and tjip the warm pullover. The dress comes with mesh mittens and the scarf. On the other pictures i wear the same scarf but i recoloured it. The male gift has also mittens.The hunt runs from november 30th till end december. You are looking for a red -black present box with some pearls hanging out of it ) 10ld every present. Hint... you see the box on the picture with tjip. But they are far more worth . 400ld or sometimes more. I am so curious what is all in this hunt. Other years they had super presents.
Nic joined the Dirham group. But expensive, but she couldn´t ressist the nice groupgifts there. The coat in fuchia and the blazer are shown here. There is another nice  outfit with a orange soft pants and a black- orange sequin blazer.
The stockings are from kurotsobaki from my inventory. The white boots from Coco. The boots from tjip were from a hunt at Latreia. His scarf  free at Mr. Poet

Male and female set  Sakide  [ SAKIDE ] First Frost Outfits F and M ) 10ld
Coat and blazer Diram  * ** DIRAM ** GIFT - BLAKE Blazer - White * and * ** DIRAM ** GIFT - MEGAN COAT - Fushia * ) 1 ld  but group join fee!'

Bye bye Nic

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