Monday, December 24, 2012

amazon elf

This is a bit a sad post because it is the last post from the ColorChallenge from Luna Jubilee. There will not be another round. To say thank you to Luna i made a post with elf ears, like she always weared. The color is amazon. It reminds me of proud women ( the Amazons from old ancient times). I like to see proud and brave women. Nic with her sword standing as an amazon elf is an elf with courage to fight for her rights. Her tears are because she also isn't frightened to show her emotions. The emotions are because saying goodbye hurts.

Two years of colors, fashion, photography, comments, ideas, creativity. It was  so much fun. I was happy to step in half way the first year.

And we don't forget the sad loss of a participant too.

Thanks Luna, Rudhmellowen, Ygrey, Anichka, Mayala, Sama, Alexandra, Eliza, Laila, inkie, Laura, Fledyris, Sonya, Lashae, Softpaw, Shay, Bourbon, Madi, Wren , Tigist, Yvette, Dolly, Ayako, Pink. Expresse, Dou, Kaiden, Christa, Grazia, Archan , Cilia,Claire, Dottie, Kaeylin, Deoridhe,Laine, Liz, Pixieplumb, Sileny, Jeff, Aly, Sarahbear, Moon, Xaqueline, Dreamer, Trixie, Keliah, vikirose, Bacidalucia, franzi, Tamar, Multimuse, Baby, Twistmy, Raphaela, Memory, Starla, Arora, Sophee and many more ( please don't be sad when your name is not here.. it is impossible to name all!!!). Thanks for your braveness  to share your fantasy. I enjoyed it soooo much to watch the posts. And thanks also for the comment writers. You all were like amazons ( sorry Jeff ;)

Fur Vest: SMS - {SMS} Fur Vest Beige ( can be recolored )
Blouse: Maitreya - Maitreya Tucked-in Blouse - Wasabi
Pants: Redgrave - ! Jeans LQM metallic black - REDGRAVE (RGP0220002)
Hair, boots, sword and sword belt : The Abyss - <TheAbyss> Full Avatar_Opium v1.1 [Collectors Box]
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise' Eyes - Celtic Green

Pictures taken at: Dark Moon Island.

I sure will follow your blogs in the future, bye bye, Nic ( sobbing)


Rudhmellowen said...

Awww your post made me tear up a little sweets... I've loved seeing your colours - not to mention all the other goodies you post, and I will be watching your space always *hugs*

Sama Yalin said...

Beautiful last post of the challenge, those elven-ears were really good thinking!

I'm always amazed at how many blog-posts you do, but I'll keep reading all of them. Have a wonderful 2013 :)

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