Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Stuff I Bought ツ

Okay - I seriously need more shoes (sl or rl for that matter) like a hole in the head, but I saw these (on someone else and) I knew I had to have them. They are the Lady Rose Shoes from GFleld and I'm totally in love. 180L a pair, lots of colors to choose from. If you are looking for less expensive shoes - why not join me on the Shoes & Accessories Hunt starting tomorrow? You can read more details about the hunt here. My shoe loving self will definitely be blogging it as there is a quite a delicious looking line up.
Also, just because when I find something I love - I feel compelled to tell everyone about it (hence the blog) my girl Mari took me to the neatest shop today with the most amazing grass I've ever seen. It's called Real Grass by Kidd Creation. The amazing thing about it is - not only is it absolutely beautiful, but it's crazy low prim. I did a whole section of the park at my sim for only 7 prims. They sell everything from a tiny patch to a whole sims worth and prices range from 49L to 15,000L depending on size. They have other landscaping stuff there as well. Check it out at Real Grass by Kidd Creation, and feel free to invite me to come nap in your new flower garden.

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