Monday, June 25, 2018

wake up everyone.. it's hunting time

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After hunting like a fool at the MadPea Summer hunt ( running till 27th june 2018), i am proud to show you many of the beautiful presents from that hunt. You need buy a hunt hud for 100ld  ( not much when you consider how much you get for it!) at the landings point here. Info about the hunt here. It's easy. But you need work for your presents, searching at many sims for shells. The hud helps to find them  with bleeps. Press the "?"in the hud to get the landmark to another sim with shells.
Nic is showing you the beach hud, the pizza floater ( on every piece can lie a person/ very nice for a group!), tipi's, pool loungers, water bottles, the octopus ring toss (decor) and a watermelon trampoline. On my way i got at The Little Branch the sweet blossom tree ( for all season's),an instant gift on the hunt ( no points needed)
Nic is wearing a swimsuit from Aleutia, the weekly group gift.

Swimsuit: [Aleutia] - [Aleutia] Summer Siren [Weekly Group Gift] (free/group join fee 25ld)
Hair: Fabia - - Fabia- Mesh hair <Valentines>  (free/ group join fee/ but many group gift hairs )
From inventory: skin - WoW skins; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; pose - Le Poppycock ( last Picture)

Items from the MadPea Summer hunt see the text also for the landings point for the hud.
From inventory: Sleeping huskies - Jian(old gift); Huskie with rose - Eniipose - Moments ( old gift) porch fire- [TIA] (gift); tree - Anhelo; cooler - True North Designs; camping table - AXL Pro

Sunday, June 24, 2018

time for SL15 Birthday cakes in her studio

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Love to show you Nic's new dresses from the SL15 Birthday event. I bought them with money from the 200ld giftcard in the {VISion} shop at the sim Gilded. The dresses are 50% off in the sale there. The giftcard you can grab at the same place. The dresses are available in many colors. In your package is a solid and an ombre version.  The necklace comes with the dresses. The Penelope dress in pale pink is 125ld. with giftcard i still had 75ld. The Christine dress in black is 150ld. So i only had to spend 75ld in the end. But what happened at the same time i got a prize ( 500ld!) for my winning picture in the Reine du Shopping photo contest at Flickr. It was my lucky day. Then i headed over to the sim Aurelian to get the free birthday cake from Apple Fall. There i discovered much more gifts. And wow i was happy to see the nauticus shell, the plaster horse and the coral specimen all as gifts. I nearly bought those for normal price some time ago. All nice decor items. Very good for the design studio from Nic. You also can grab macarons in a box and macarons on a sketchbook. Beside the SL15 Birthday cake you get the fig&blackberry cake and a lemon whip drizzle cake. It was all worthwhile to withstand the lag.

Black dress: {ViSion} at SL15B - {ViSion} - Kristine Dress - Black (50%off/ bought with 200ld giftcard from {VISion}
Pale pink dress: {ViSion} at SL15B - {ViSion} - Penelope Dress - Pale Pink (50%off/ bought with the 200ld giftcard from {VISion}
Hair: [monso] - [monso] My hair Minnie/mixed
Shoes: Essenz -Essenz - Cannes (All colors) (new group gift/ free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: skin - Wow Skins; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Home: L2 Studio - L2 The Boat house
Three cakes, macarons in box and macarons on sketchbook, plaster horse, nautilus shell, coral specimen: Apple Fall at SL15B 
From inventory: rattan tables - unKindness, cat -(fd)
Other decor items go to the place where i ade the picture: here
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy birthday SL and Scandalize

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A little feast on the beach because of the 15th birthday of Second Life. I am in this sl rollercoaster  now for something more then 11 years. And i am still loving it very much.
Eggplant balloons, a SL15B gift, from Ariskea  to give this blogpost a festive accent. I was busy with the photoshoot for this blogpost with Nic and her little seal friends, when i got two presents from the designer of TLC. It was the little pincher with friend at the left side of the second and third picture. The other present i will show you in another blogpost. Thanks very much True Redrose. I love dogs and animals!

From the SL15 birthday gifts Nic is showing you a necklace from Minimal ( unisex). The purple orchids are also gifts from SL15 Birthday. Lots of shops, best designers on the grid, great sales (many have 50% discounts) AWESOME gift from each shop! How about a 500 L credit at Blueberry? Or a fatpack from Truth? It can be very laggy at the event. I managed to do nearly one sim (Halcyon).  Can't wait to see what is at the other sims.
The skirt with bra top is a release from :::UNA::: at the Good Vibes Fair (June 15 to June 29). In several colors available.
The beach sandals ( in a fatpack) are the new gift at Scandalize because of the second birthday of that shop. Group join is free now.
Behind Nic you see the bali cabin from Concept}. The RARE from a gacha from Concept} from 2017 at Kustom9. Now in the shop or on marketplace. The bed and rug are from a gacha at [ Zerkalo ]

Bra and skirt: :::UNA::: at Good Vibes Fair - :::UNA::: Mila  (Maitreya)(NEW)
Sandals: Scandalize - Scandalize. ScandalSandals. FATPACK (free/ group join fee free now)
Necklace: MINIMAL at SL15B - MINIMAL - SecondLifeBirthday15th (free)
Pincher with friend: TLC - TLC Pincher with friend
From inventory: skin - Wow Skins; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; hair -Truth (Taren)

Balloon: Ariskea at SL15B - Ariskea[Sl15b] Gift (free)
Purple orchids: Cubes Store at SL15B -  CR Amethyst Monnierara Orchid
Bali Cabin: Concept} - Concept} Bali Gacha RARE (gacha)
Bali pot, table and basket: Concept} - Concept} Bali gacha (gacha)
Plaid Rug and bed: [Zerkalo] - [Zerkalo] Relaxed Corner gacha
Vase with branch with hanging lanterns: HEXtraordinary - HEXtraordinary  Hanging Lantern Branches
From inventory: seals - MishMish
Pictures taken at: Devins Eye
Bye bye, Nic