Sunday, July 15, 2018

terrace with a view

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This cute little coffee terrace near the sea is the best place to sit and spot sea lions. When you are quiet, they come very close. A puppy even jumped in Nic's rattan bag.
The sea lion colony with the dock on the sea and a rock with the flag  is the full set from TLC. In the full pack you get also the sea lions separate. The seagulls are from a fatpack from TLC. I want say thanks to the designer of TLC, because i got the first price in her flickr contest and i am a blogger now for her. Thanks True Redrose. I feel honoured.
The terrace raft dock is the Saturday sale item from ChiMia. Still there on Sunday. The terrace is made with chairs, tables, parasols, donuts, hamburgers, chocolate muffins and coffee from a set from Salacity. The set was at Illuminate. But the event ended at July 13th. No worries. ...the set sure will be in the main shop. You can change the colors of the tables and the chairs. All sorts of  coffee colors for the chairs are in the menu. I like the model of the chairs. There are a number of solo animations, both for sitting (male and female) and for activities. For the activities, props will rez and attach automatically when needed.
The rescue rings, i took from a beach hut set from Spiders Design. The plants are the new group gift from tarte.

Nic is wearing a top from [WellMade], a present. Comes in 3 textures. The hat was a gift from eXxEsS at the SL Birthday. I missed it, but bought the hat at marketplace, with a large hud. Nic's hair is a dollarbie from rezology at Marketplace. The shoes from Mosquito's Way i used before on this blog. The pants are from ISON. The earrings and necklace are from the Monthly Midnight Madness from last Saturday. Now available as last chance items for some time. 

Top: [WellMade] - [WellMade] Alva Top GIFT 3 textures (free)
Hair: rezology - rezology Butterfly 168 (Bento Rigged Mesh Hair ) Gift - BF- (1ld)
Necklace and earrings: Amacci - Amacci Necklace and earrings - Toni MMM ( now available as last Chance 50ld +50% off for group members)
Hat: eXxEsS - eXxEsS: Summer Hat ( was an SLB 2018 gift with large hud ( now at marketplace)
From inventory: shoes - Mosquito's Way; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; pants - ISON

Raft Dock: ChiMia - Chi Mia Raft Dock ( Saturday sale / 50ld)
Seagulls : TLC - *TLC Seagulls FATPACK - Version 2*
Sea Lions: TLC - TLC Sea lion colony* (was at Cosmopolitan Sales Room/ now in main shop)
Coffee shop furniture and more ( see text): Salacity - Salacity - Illuminate June 18 ( now in main shop)
Hanging planter: tarte. - tarte. hanging planter - group gift (free/ group join 20ld)
From inventory: rattan tote and paper bag- Nutmeg. (free) ; rescue band - Spiders Design( part of beach hut)
Pictures made at: hive/
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, July 13, 2018

vintage on the beach

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Back from la douce France in rl and immediately to the beach with Nic. At Belle Epoque is a hunt running at the moment. For the lovers from vintage fashion good to get some nice vintage clothes nearly for free. Near the entrance you can see on the board all the presents from the hunt. Nic is showing you a green vintage swimsuit and the yellow knotted shirt with pantie and the shoes also in vintage style. The cameo necklace is also from the hunt. Each item is 10ld. Nic is wearing hair from rezology. The vintage truck bar is from unKindness. The curious seagull is from a fatpack from TLC from a fatpack with a standing seagull and some circling seagulls and a cute seagull sign with nail.

Swim suit: Belle Epoque - BESH 7 (10ld)
Knotted shirt : Belle Epoque - Besh
Pantie: Belle Epoque - BESH 12
Shoes: Cameo necklace: Belle Epoque - BESH 6 (10ld)
Cameo necklace: Belle Epoque  - BESH 19
Hair: rezology - rezology Wisp ( 25ld)
Rings: MEVA at CSR (last day today) - Meva Heidi Bento Rings Gold Maitreya Box (free)
Seagull: TLC - Part of *TLC Seagulls FATPACK - Version 2*
From inventory: Truck bar - unKindness; beach towel and parasol - {what next}; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; water - Mesh India; fritter - Tentacio
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 9, 2018

it's time...a last kiss with the video WhatsApp

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It's nearly time to go. The clock is ticking. Her suitcase is packed.  A last kiss with the video WhatsApp and then she will go to bed. Tomorrow i will go on a trip for three days. Nic is saying goodbye for me.
She is already a bit undressed. This is possible with this dress. With every click you will undress her a bit more till she is naked. You also can dress her with every click (see below). Choose from the menu ,that will pop up, what you want. A good one for going to bed ;) this beautiful lace dress from Jana&Littles SL World. The hud has several colors.
The rings are a gift from Meva at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room. Nic's hair is from the Hello Tuesday sale from no.match at Cosmopolitan. It is from the pack of blacks. I recolored the white hair a bit.
Behind Nic you can see the magazine table from Salacity. The table has an attached lamp. You can influence the light. The lamp is scripted to light the area around it, but using in-world (atmospheric) lighting and in changing the look/glow of the bulb and shade. Simply click on the lamp shade to turn the light on and off.  The magazine may be hidden via menu, so that you can show it only when you want to.
The vintage rose on the wall is also from Salacity.

Dress: Jana&Littles SL World-JL- Phillis Dress (HUD) -undress me- (NEW)
Hair: no.match for hello Tuesday sale at Cosmopolitan - no.match_ ~ NO_PERMISSION ~ Pack of BLACKS
Rings: Meva at CSR- Meva Heidi Bento Rings Gold Maitreya (free)
From inventory: watch - mandala; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ (Wilma)

Magazine table: Salacity - Salacity - Magazine Table
Vintage rose wall art: Salacity - Salacity Framed Art Vintage Rose
Pictures made at: ..:::Fairhaven:::..
Bye Bye Nic