Saturday, December 3, 2016

darker days.. time for the advent calendars

Darker days surround me now I'm older...Longer nights freeze me it seems colder..Darker days they will take me under now.

I love the darker days of december. Time for decorations in sl. I love the new decorations from 7mad;Ravens made for the Event Tannenbaum. Started Nov 25th.
These days are also the days with the advent or christmas gifts in sl I try to become not too much overwhelmed by all.  There are so many place where you can go to the calendars. At my home location you can pick-up a box with all the lm's from advents calendars. It is in a Christmas box near the landingspoint.  It's here. Thanks to Anja Horten who made the box with lm's.
I choosed this time to go to Entice. Nic is showing you nails from day 1 and the golden blouse from day 2.  I also went to the famous  Kitty Cat calendar. Nic is showing the scarf, the ear warmers and the purple chair. Nic's shoes are from one of the four lucky boards at Venus Shoes. Always  good to go there sometimes to get some new shoes.

Golden blouse: Entice - Entice - Advent Calendar 2016 - Dec 2 (free)
Nails: Entice - Entice - Advent Calendar 2016 - Dec 1 ( free/see close-up below)
Scarf and earwarmers: zanze Kittycats Advent Calendar-Day 2-GIFT (free)
Shoes: ->VeNuS<>ShOeS< ->VeNuS<>ShOeS<- ANGELA (free/ lucky board)
Hair: Elikatira for Fifty Linden Friday- [e] Nadia - Exclusives (50ld)

Rustic boards and rustic candle logs: 7mad;Ravens at Tannenbaum -  7mad;Ravens Tannenbaum 
Chair: Cheeky Pea  in Kitty Cats calendar - :CP: Cherie Lounge Chair Rainbow Stag KittyCatS Gift!(free)
From inventory: sledge and bike - what next; bag - Phedora ( old gift); Water with robins - TC Home ( old cosmo gift); Pants- ISON; dog - Xin
Pictures made at: Snowy Islands
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, December 2, 2016

thankful memories...

When the storm comes,...And if I'm afraid,...May I be with you?
As night falls,...And it's too dark to me,..May I be with you?
May I come to you,...If it is not possible anywhere else?
And if I have to cry,...Will you dry my tears ?
When the end comes,..And if I'm afraid,  May I be with you?
When the end comes,..And when I'm alone,..May I be with you?

Reflections near the fireplace in advents time. The song text from a dutch singer in her head..
Nic is wearing a leather jacket from Desmonia. Comes with a colorhud. Under the jacket Nic is wearing an appliers top from a set from *ZD*. I found the skirt at Vanity Infinity Mega mesh store. It's from a set with a black shirt.  The black bag is from from another gift at Vanity ( for the Maitreya group). The bag is in a set with a pink dress. Nic is wearing her Fifty Linden Friday hair from Elikatira. The two small tv tables and the painting on the wall  are from a gacha ( Thankful Memories) from irrie's Dollhouse at Lost & Found ~ November. It sure will be in the shop later on. Or watch marketplace. The candy cane wreath on the wall is from Kaerri. as well as the red vases, the red raindeer with candles and the train

Jacket: -Desmonia- -Desmonia- Fergie Leather Jacket blogpack (NEW)
Skirt: Vanity Infinity - part of ERY Outfit (free)
Top: *ZD* - part od *ZD* Clelia outfit
Necklace: !IT! at CMP - !IT! Gitana Necklace 14.3 (50% off during event)
Bag: Vanity Infinity - part of MESH DRESS _Bag____Maitreya Slink (free)
Hair: Elikatira for FLF -  [e] Nadia - Exclusives (FLF/ 50ld)
From inventory: Boots - Reign ( gift)

Tables and painting:  irrie's Dollhouse *i { DH } Gacha! Thankful Memories ( was at Lost&Found / soon in shop)
Red vases, raindeer, train, candy cane wreath: Kaerri - Kaerri Christmas (NEW)
Pictures taken at: Icewater
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, December 1, 2016

a pre Christmas holiday in the Arctic Express

A cosy moment in the train. A pre Christmas Holiday. Nic is wearing the promo from Rose Marine at Marketplace. Nic showed already the purse from that set. But i love the long coat so much that i wanted that one on the blog. The hair is from Love Hair. I went there to get a hair with cap, but the shop moved and was under construction At the entrance of the new shop you can find this beautiful hair ( with a color hud). There are other heels in the set from Rose Marine and a jeans but i decided to show to you the free shoes from Glitterati and a white pants from ISON ( from her inventory).
Tjip is wearing a warm knitted sweater from NewClover. You can grab there more free knitted sweaters. Tjip is wearing a scarf from chronokit from his inventory and hair from no.match.
Scroll to see a picture of the train and the back side of the coat. Inside the train it was warm and cosy outside freezing cold

Coat:  R@SE^__^M@RINE - part of R@SE^__^M@RINE Store Promo ( 44ld)
Hair: Love -Love [Hair Group Gift] <3 (free)
Shoes: Glitterati - ! Glitterati ! - Joyce Heels - Slink High - Sea Green/Coral Ash (free)
From inventory: Pants - ISOn
On Tjip
Sweater: NEWCLOVER)) - NEWCLOVER)) KNIT WHITE 6 colors available (free)
From inventory: Hair no.match; scarf - chronokit
Pictures  made at: Moonlight Sonata (Surrounding made by Death Row Design/the DRD build is a preview for their gacha at this months Arcade)
Bye bye, Nic