Sunday, August 28, 2016

drive in theatre (black dress part 2)

Second part of the black dress serie. On top the new release from H@s. This dress comes with a gorgeous hud. In the hud is the possibility to change the top part and the skirt part. Below i show a changed top part and another color for top and skirt. There are 20 possibilities for each part. Also very colorful ones. When you wear this dress you look sexy and elegant. And with the hud you can make a totally different look.
Another great dress is the dress from Apple May Design. It's a new gift at The Free Dove.
The hair is a groupgift at Fabia. The shoes are the reptile shoes from h@s and the metallic shoes from H@s. With super color huds.

Dress: H@s - H@S Night Date Skater Dress (NEW)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Grace Metallic Leather and reptile leather - Multicolor (NEW)
Dress: AMD at The Free Dove - Apple May Designs - Simply Dressy - Black (free)
Hair: -FABIA- -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Valiry> Natural Tones (free)
From inventory: Bracelets - Karla's Boutique;

in theatre: every girl needs a black dress and new shoes ( part 1)

Every girl needs a black dress. It's a must have. And every girl needs a pair of good shoes. Well for Nic this is a rich day, because she found many nice black dresses and... last but not least got many new released shoes from H@s. In this post at the drive in theatre she is wearing  a stylish black dress from Vitrimi at the Free Dove. It's a cape dress and i love it. And the other black outfit is the new released september groupgift from FA Creations. It is a romper. You get it in black and white. And i love the texture. It is as if i can feel the soft satin on my skin when looking at this one. Is'nt she sexy laying like a  movie vamp on the car on the last picture?
The shoes are the reptile leather shoes from H@S, one of the four new releases from today. Close-up below ( scroll). They are super elegant!!! I will show you more ofcourse in other posts. The shoes come with a main color hud and a preset color hud. When you have a problem with the preset hud: click on the color options buttons on the right on the main HUD, then the preset hud will work perfectly.
Nic's hair is the new groupgift from Entwined, called Daisy.
The earrings are from MG. It is the flash sale item from this weekend( 50ld)
Tomorrow i show you part 2  from the serie about a black dress. In that post you can see the earrings better( but go now to the shop otherwise the sale is over) because Nic shows you a nice new groupgift hair, that shows Nic's ears better...... watch tomorrow!

Dress : Vitrimi at The Free Dove  - .:Vitrimi:. Cape Dress Black (free)
Romper: Fa Creations - ::FAC::  Kinu Jumpsuit  [September Group Gift July 2016] (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Grace Reptile Leather - Multicolor (NEW)
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Earrings - Matinee Shimmer-199L$ ( in flash sale 50ld this weekend)
Hair: [Entwined] - Entwined. Daisy - GIFT!Fatpack (free)
From inventory: Necklace - Haste; bracelets - Karla's Boutique
Pictures taken near : the Haste shop

Thursday, August 25, 2016

dutch cheese girl ( 25th last day N-Uno 30ld group join!)

The dutch cheese girl is quite busy. In rl and here in sl walking around with here purple cow cheese plate. It was Laura who told me go to the free bird shop. Hit the board and you get at random one of the funny plates. Wait several hours and you can try again to get another one. I was  happy with my first try, with this purple plate because Nic was just dressed in this purple dress with sweater over shoulder from N- Uno. I was already in the group..but the group join is now 30ld. You need go this 25th of august to join for that prize  after the 25th it is the normal but high prize. Join because they have good groupgifts and group lucky boards and Midnight Mania. I hope you will read this in time.
And what about the new boots from Nic: i love them. They have a color good color hud too. They are from ROC. In that shop 2 groupgifts too and group join free.
The sunglasses are a gift from Sn@tch at the Outlet SL Salesroom

Dress with sweater: N-Uno - N-Uno - August Group Gift ( untill 25 august group join 30ld/ free)
Boots: ROC - ::ROC:: Patchwork Leather Boots  with Hud
Plate: [free bird]- [ free bird] Cow cheese plate ( ooooh nooo the free board is gone/ it is now a gacha/ each play 50ld sorry!)
Glasses: Sn@tch at Outlet Sl Salesroom - Sn@tch Gift: OutletSL ( free)
From inventory: hair - Exile; bracelets - Kunglers ( The Crossroads gift)
Bye bye, Nic