Monday, June 18, 2018

i am totally not good in this

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Kiting in the evening at the beach. She is not good in this. She needs your help. Come again as soon as possible please! Then no sitting and talking a lot, like you and Nic did today, but a long walk on this beautiful beach and kiting.
The place that i discovered this evening, Cape Florida, is gorgeous. A nearly empty beach ( although Laura came and disturbed my picture making ;)! She went away and disturbed again because she tp-ed me to Aleutia for an 1 hour 1 ld gift. Thanks Lau .. you never disturb me ..i am just joking. And for the readers a good tip join the Aleutia group for such 1 hour 1 ld gifts and the lucky boards.

The dress that Nic is showing is from another shop, named .:Amui:. This is a gift because the group has 1000 members. It's a good one for summer days at the beach. With a hud with 5 gorgeous textures! Group join is only 25ld.
Nic's hair is new at FaMESHed  from Limerence. Shoes are old group gift shoes from Scandalize. They have new nice gift blossom heels for the Vanity group. On the beach a floatie from {what Next} and a bag from Nutmeg.

Dress: .:Amui:. - .:AMUI:. GROUP GIFT 1000 MEMBERS 1 ( free/ group join 25ld)
Hair: Limerence at FaMESHed - {Limerence} Rina hair-Naturals
Shoes: Scandalize - Scandalize. Ainara heels (old groupgift/ still there/free/ group join fee)
From inventory:  head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Wow Skin; make-up - LAQ; necklace - amias ( in sale 50% off till 24 june)

Red lounge chair on beach: Tartessos Arts - TA Summertime Lounger
Beach Umbrella's: kyoobo - kyoobo beach umbrella
From inventory: bag - Nutmeg. (free gift);; floatie - {what next};  kite - Adorkable
Pictures taken at: Wildspire, Cape Florida 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 17, 2018

the mystery of love

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She is feeling wonderful. But there is one sad are not here. Missing.... She wants share so much with you but it's silent already some time. But it will be okay when you are back. That's the mystery of love. In the meantime she better enjoys life and all the blessings of her life.
Nic is showing you a lovely ( in my opinion a bit retro style) tropical bikini from Nerido. You can get this one at Uber. In many textures of course. I am loving this one very much. So retro and so sunny.  Nic's hair is a groupgift from D!va released in may. I totally missed this release, but here it is now on the blog at least. It's a fatpack. The designer from D!va had long time problems with her health. Is this group gift a good sign, a sign of coming back and recovery or feeling more strong? I hope so very much for her. Nic's shoes are in a new group gift gacha machine from Pure Poison. 25 of the latest releases were placed in a GIFT/GACHA. It will give you a random prize. You only get to click once every 24 hours. The machine will be in Pure Poison Mainstore until Sunday 11:55 P.M.

In the decor you can see the new release retro set from [CIRCA] at the Vintage Fair. (Jun 8 - 24) 4 Colour packs available - 13 LI  for setup - Items copiable. You can see the chairs from the set in aqua and orange, the rug  and the hairpin table with decor. The beach hut is from Dench Designs, a group gift. Attached to the hut are a table with chairs and a bench and a kitchen. I added some plants and the citrus squeezer. In the water you can see one of the splashy spaniels from a gacha from JIAN at the Arcade. The board with seagulls is from a gacha from TLC (was at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room, now in the main shop i suppose).

Bikini: Nerido at Uber - ~Nerido~ Nansi Bikini (Maitreya)-Sun Print (unpacked)
Hair: D!va -""D!va"" Hair "Aria" (Fatpack) - Group gift may 2018(free)
Shoes: Pure Poison -  Pure Poison - Nely Pumps (free)
Choker: !IT!  at Twe12ve  - !IT! - Twe12ve June Mystery of Love Chokerexcl
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Wow Skins ( last group gift)

Retro set ( see text); [CIRCA] at the Vintage Fair - [CIRCA]  - "Ubanite" Retro Sitting Sets (NEW)
Beach hut: Dench Designs - Dench Designs Group Gift (May 2018)(free)
Board with seagulls: TLC  - TLC Beach Gacha #1 (gacha/ new)
Dog at floatie: Jian at the Arcade - Splashy Spaniels 18 Brit Black Floaty (gacha/ each try 75ld)
Kids bucket and spade- Solowuff  Lupindo - Kids' Spade and Bucket (30ld)
From inventory: surfboard - Silvery K; boat - Naima; bag - Danchu; sandcastle - Kids Kreations; ducks - D- Lab; Citrus squeezer - ::UNA::
Pictures made at: la Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, June 15, 2018

a shower to rince of the salt from the sea

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She stepped with her swimsuit and her top under the shower to rince off the salt from the sea.
This steamy shower is from Salacity. It was a release at Illuminate in may. Now available in the main shop.
There are solo and couples animations in the shower; for solo avatars, there are animations for bathing as well as other activities; for couples, cuddling, kissing, and erotic animations. The adult animations are configured to be compatible with XCite and Sensations g.
To change the textures on any part of the shower, click on the floor shadow and select from the menu. There are 7 textures for the tile walls, 7 for the floor, 6 types of glass, and 5  different metals for the hardware.Two versions are included: the second (mirror) version is identical to the first except that the door and hardware are on the other side and the animations rotated accordingly. This allows the shower stall to fit into any space.
I made the shelf for Nic's shampoo's

The swimsuit and top are from ::UNA:: at the Frou Frou event (ends july 8th). You get the clothes in normal and transparent version.  Several colors are sold separately. In the fat pack are more colors. More pictures below.

Nic's hair is an oldie from Argrace. At the moment you can get at FaMESHed hair from Mina that is interactive, reacts to water. The wet hair version is a bit like this hair. The dry version is of course totally different.
For the bathroom i used items from Nic's inventory from Soy, [CIRCA], [TIA], Pixel Mode and AXL Pro. The cute jellie's in orange and ocean blue are oldies from Fashionably Dead. Not available anymore

Swimsuit and top: ::UNA:: at Frou Frou Event -  ::UNA:: Pam Swimsuit and top (NEW)
Body water drops: Izzie's- Izzie's - Face Waterdrops Appliers and Body Waterdrops ( 50ld and 150ld)
Hair: *ARGRACE* - *ARGRACE* Hikari
Necklace: amias - amias - HELLE rose gold ( 50% off 1YeAr Sale)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; skin - Wow Skins; moonstone hand jewelry - Silvery K

Home: Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative Carnaval Beach House
Steamy Shower: Salacity - Salacity - Steamy Shower 
From inventory: Plants, messy towel, baskets and wooden bath stool- Soy. ; messy make -up, make-up table, shampoo's, some plants and necklace display [CIRCA]( Bel Air set); rugs, hanging ferns- AXL Pro; rond bathroom table and flowers-[TIA]; Wall Scones and chair- Pixel Mode
Bye bye, Nic