Tuesday, September 27, 2016

you come and go

Like the doves you come and go. Nic will wait in her beautiful gown from Designer Enchanted. It is the september groupgift from Paris Fashion - Galerie Dufayel- Paris 1900. Designer Enchanted has a new store. Every month she will have a new groupgift, she told me. Got also another nice dress from her. I will show that one in another blogpost. You get the dress from the pictures with the jewelry and the nice hip shawls. Love it. Below a picture of the back of the dress.  Nic is wearing shoes from H@s from her inventory. As i told you before the multi colorhud is so useful for good combinationsw with your outfits.

Dress: PARIS FASHION - PARIS FASHION -Rihanna  Low Back dress turquise ( free/ groupgift)
Shoes: H@s - H@s Grace
From inventory: Hair Beso ( Debrossy)
Pictures made at Crestwick Island
Bye bye, Nic
And thanks Marie for your photography lessons

Monday, September 26, 2016

bringing them all away

How much she loved those old shoes, it's hard to tell. Nic is beside a hair addict a shoe addict. You know may be the many close-ups from shoes here at my blog. But sometimes you have to make space in your cupboard for new nice shoes. And i hope the new shoes will be from Reign. I hope to become a blogger for that shop. I filled in the form and all where asked to make a new picture for flickr for them. I took the native boots from Reign for the contest. ..yes i know they are not a new release but i love these so much for winter time. Will never regret that i bought them.
Nic was already dressed for a cold autumn day in a warm jacket from Ak Creations. Because the cap is not so big your hair can come through. That is why i used the hat hairs from Sf Design  ( from a free box in the shop). The box is already longtime in the shop. You can find it upstairs in the women part of the shop. they are unisex.
The jacket comes with a legging but i like it with my jeans and boots.

Boots: Reign - REIGN.- Native Boots- BLACK
Jacket: Arcane Spellcaster Ak Creations - part of outfit plumes *Arcane Spellcaster*Ak-Creations (NEW)
Scarf: Mutresse - ...Mutresse... Non-Rigged Sequined Scarf  GROUP GIFT (free)
Hair: sf design (upstairs in the ladies part of the shop - sf design free hair to wear with hats unisex (free)
Flying boat: Kalopsia - Flying boat
From inventory: jeans - *ZD*,
Pictures made at Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic
The picture below will be at flickr for the contest. I hope you want support me there.

Click small pictures to see the full size.

on her way

On monday morning she is going to skate. First a walk through the wood. Nic is at the renewed sim Hollandaise. They made it very beautiful again. Now in fairytale style.
Nic is wearing a top from La Gazza Ladra at On9. Many colors are available. The skirt is realy good for skating or sports. You can grab it for 5ld at Mag<3.B. The funky boots are from Blaraby, the new groupgift. Group join is 50ld. But there are more old groupgifts available. Nic's legwarmers are from her inventory from Monso. But still available in the shop. The skates are from a gacha from Addams. Available at marketplace. The soopascarf is still  available at Snip&Snail. Love that huge scarf. It is available in many colors and resizeable.

Shoes:[BLARABY] - [BLARABY] Funky Boots [Gift](free/ group join 50ld)
Top: La Gazza Ladra at On9 - ~LGL~ Urban Charme . (Black)( the orange one is in sale(NEW)
Skirt: Mag<3.B - Mag<3.B gift Black skirt (5ld)
Rollerskate: Addams - Addams // Skate Leash // Skin/Pink (gacha/29ld)
Scarf: Snips& Snails - Soopascarf ( blush)
From inventory: Legwarmers   Monso; hair - Lamb ( Prove it)
Pictures made at: Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic