Wednesday, April 23, 2014

gowns near a landhouse

Nic shows you 3 gowns. The first one is the groupgift dress from PurpleMoon. The others are from the easter egg hunt at Zanze. Every egg is 5ld. The eggs are easy to find near the gowns in the shop. Nic wears jewelry from Lazuri. Fall jewelry, an old groupgift. And she wears the latest groupgift from Lazuri.

First gown: PurpleMoon Creations -:: PM :: Drew Gown - Group Members Gift [MESH] (free/ but group join fee)
Second gown: Zanze - [ZE] Deanna {BEADED}  ( 5ld)
Third gown: Zanze - [ZE] Lacie Dress {SNOW} ( 5ld)
From inventroy: jewelry - Lazuri; Hair - Eaters Coma.
Pictures made at: Mexico Lindo

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

in and around the gypsy caravan

Nice place to be.... in and around this gypsy caravan. Nic shows you with pride her new slink feet. Now for high heels. I told some posts before this one that i wanted buy them if i every time would see nice high heels with mesh feet. And yes.. i saw so many  nice high heels only possible to wear with slink high feet. The system from the slink feet is much easier now. A few steps and your feet color is exact the same as the skin color of your leg. The shoes are the new subscribe-o-matic gift from ieQED ( only wearable with slink high feet). They are very well made. See the backside. The sole is a bit as if Nic walked already miles on the shoes. Rose sandal in copper is the name.
The jewelry is a new groupgift from Lazuri. Comes with two sorts of earrings. The dress is a gift at Java Fashion Designs.

Dress: Java Fashion Designs - JAVA NO DISTANCE DRESS GIFT(free)
Shoes: ieQED - ieQED rose.sandal.copper ( free)
Jwelry: Lazuri - Lazuri Perlline Necklace and earrings ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Hair - Eaters Coma ; Watch - (((( Big O))))(free)
Pictures made at: Mexico Lindo

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, April 21, 2014

after Easter present

"Nicandra, do you know the shop Adjunct ", Dancer asked me. " I think you once told about it " i replied. It is a small shop with male clothes and they now have a clearance sale at the first floor. All is sold for 10ld.", Dancer said. "Then i will surprice tjip today, it is his turn for a blogpost...i can give him an after Easter present may be". I went over and saw good stuff. But also non-mesh. I inspected all and came upon these mesh pants. Tjip came online and bought three of them. I show you the light grey and a dark green one. The scarf is a groupgift in the shop. They also sell nice moustaches with twitching animation!
"But what to wear on top of the pants",  i thought? First i found the long black sweater with NO on it. I went to Frisland for the pictures and got the backpack ( for males and females in two colors). You also get a bottle of water and a burger, when you click the backpack. Up to Argrace for the groupgift hair. And then came the message from GothiCatz. Two gifts in the shop one for males ( two colors) and one for females. So another new gift to show to you.

Sweater first pictures: GothiCatz - >>GothiCatz<< FashionTs (male) - (free)
Sweater last pictures: No Limitz - [NL] Sweater mesh  No Limitz (free)
Pants: Adjunct - Adjunct Sante Fe Jeans - Sandstorm (10ld clearance sale first floor)
Pants:   Adjunct - Adjunct Sante Fe Jeans - Obsidian (10ld)
Scarf: Adjunct - Adjunct Group Gift - Check Snood Scarf  unisex- (free/GG)
Backpack: Frisland - backpack ( free/ near landingspoint)
Hair: Argrace - *ARGRACE* WelcomeGift "MINATO" [male/unisex](free)
Pictures made a; Frisland
Thanks Dancer for the excellent tip again!

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, April 20, 2014

relaxed morning

Nearly ready to do some fitness, but first a cigarette. You see Nic in casual wear. Pants from FA Creations a new release. The hud has many color/texture possibilities. The hoodie is from the lucky chair at Ydea. Hair from the the new Fab Free Headquaters. Shoes from marketplace. The watch is a groupgift from (((( Big O )))). There is also a very sweet sandal as groupgift ( group join is free). The money bag is gift a graph (old/ and i recolored it)
I added the pictures below to show you another texture of the new release of FA Creations and the shoes from (((( Big O ))))

Sweatpants: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Robin Sweatpants (NEW)
Hoodie: Ydea - *Ydea* Hoddie female red (free)
Hair:  ChiChickie at Fab Free  - ChiChickie! Hair Salon 04/15/14(free)
Bag:  graph* - graph* concho
Watch: (((( big O )))) - (((( Big O ))) Watch - (free)
Sandals: (((( Big O )))) - (((( Big O ))) Sandal (free)
Shoes: [Z3] - [Z3] Full Perm Casual Shoe Kit #2 (1ld)
From inventory: Cardigan -::K::; Bag with fish - UNA (gatcha); Top and hoodie - FA Creations

Bye  bye, Nic

Easter lunch

Easter lunch outside with delicious cakes. Nic is wearing her new leather legwarmers from Maitreya. Just for 14 days in the info and notices from the Maitreya group. Group join is free. The quality is high as all designs  from Maitreya. They were made for a new released shoe from Maitreya but with my wedges they go very well in my opinion. The new hoodie and top are a release from FA Creations. You get them with a hud for many options. Also in soft spring colors. New release at FA Creations also sweat pants (not shown)
I bought the shorts from Moon Amore to complete my outfit. They come with a hud with many colors. Super!
From Pure Poison is the necklace.
This year Pure Poison celebrates Easter with a -50%OFF sale of everything in the mainstore and a cute Gacha Machine for only 10L$/Play, which will only be available during this sale (April 18 - April 22).
And there is more, at the end of the sale, they will pick 10 Happy Shoppers and will gift them each 2500L$ Store credit!!!

Leather leg warmer: Maitreya (in the info and notices of the  group just 14 days )Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift - Leather LegWarmers (free)
Shorts: Moon Amore - :Moon Amore: Delicadito shorts
Top: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Pleun Tank Top (NEW)
Hoodie: FA Creations - ::FAC::  Sammy Hoodie(NEW)
From inventory: Necklace - Pure Poison(Free/ but group join fee); Wedges - Baby Monkey for Fab free (free), hair- SugarsmacK(free)
Pictures made near the Moon Amore shop

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 19, 2014

gO to that bargain gatcha

A Happy Easter to all of you. Nic wears a funny gatcha ballet outfit from !gO!. This is the rare one and very useful to wish you all a beautiful Easter day. There are a fox, a cow, a panda and more outfits in the !gO! gatcha.
Nic wears again her wedges from the post before this one. Her rabbit ears are from the 25to25 hunt at Le Poppycock. You get three different flowers. Find a red heart. You can't miss this huge heart near the entrance ;)
Where is the Bargain Gatcha and what is it. It is behind Nic and near the !gO! shop. Bargains start from 10ld. All sort of designers are in this event. Go there to have a look!

Psssst: TODAY YOU CAN JOIN THE PAISLEY DAISY GROUP FOR FREE.Your easter present! In that group you get nice presents!

Outfit: !gO! - !gO! leotards- ChickenRARE
 Rabbit ears: Le Poppycock -   Le Poppycock ~25-for-25 Hunt ~ April Prize (25ld)
From inventory: Shoes ( see post before this one/free) ; Sunglasses - ANE; hair-SugarSmack; Clutch - Ricielli.

Bye bye, Nic

two fabulous looks

The Headquarters from Fab Free ahave been changed. And it is very worthwhile to go by and pick -up some nice free things. I made two looks with some presents. A cool look and a sweet look. Fom Fab Free Headquaters are  the pants (from Sn@tch) and the jacket (from mary cakes) and the flats( from Duh!). The flats are for Slink bare feet but also for non-slink feet. The long hair is the groupgift hair from SugarsmacK. Showed the blond version yesterday. Nic wears a scribe bag from a gatcha machine at Una. There are also nice bags with flowers, or wine and sausages or fish in the gatcha (realy cute!)
The red cap is the groupgift from D-Lab.
From the  sweet look are the dress and the wedges at Fab Free Headquaters. The short hair is the groupgift hair at Tram. The yellow clutch ( easter color) is from an old easter hunt from Ricielli ( but still available).

At Fab Free Headquarters
Jacket:{MC} Thrilling Jacket Box Hud (free)
Pants:Sn@tch 4/12/2014 (free)
Flats:::Duh!:: Straw Flower Slippers (Deep Red) - (free)
Dress:~Sassy!~ FabFree Gift - Envy Me dress (free)
Wedges: Baby Monkey Shoes 04/11/14 (free)

Long hair: SugarsmacK - SugarsmacK Group Gift Alex (free)
Cap: D-lab - d-lab carp-cap-GG (free)
Short hair: Tram - tram D217 hair / group gift <3 (free)
Bag: Una - Scribe bag (rare)
Clutch: Ricielli - Ricielli - EASTER HUNT / ITEM #9 ( 15ld)
Pictures made at: Neva River

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter in Tuscany... Senza Tempo

Nic at her Tuscany Trattoria. She will get guests with Easter. Nic is arranging the tables and seats for the party. The tables and the plate with wine and bread and cheese is from Pixel Mode. You can buy this set with chandelier and wall scone and a rug at The Liaison Collaborative. For the lovers of decorating a nice place to look around. And also for the fashion lovers there is a fashion part with high quality clothes.
The hair is a groupgift from SugarSmack. You get it in four colors. Beautiful. The flower bag is from Imeka at Kustom9. The boots are a new release from Tokyo.girl. At the party they will attract the attention of the guests.
The jumpsuit is from the closing sale at Cashmere&Keane.

Furniture: PM at TLC - [PM]Pixel Mode : Senza Tempo Set : TLC (NEW)
Hair: SugarsmacK - SugarsmacK Group Gift Alex (free)
Jumpsuit:  *CASHMERE* - *CASHMERE*Zumbada Jumpsuit(sand)(75ld)
Bag: Imeka at Kustom9 - {imeka} Flowery Mini Bag {Brown}
Boots: Tokyo.Girl . - Tokyo.Girl . Myr Boots . Gold (NEW)
From inventory: Hat - Coco (free), necklace -Ey:No; cardigan - ::K::
Pictures made at : Lo Lo

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 17, 2014

easter cake

It's nearly Easter. Nic eats a piece of a delicious easter cake. The cake is a gift from What Next.You need be in the "Love to Decorate group" Group join is free. Rezz the cake and touch. You will get the fork and plate. Nic wears the easter gift dress from Patulas House. Her hair is from Divalicious Designs from an easter egg hunt. You need find... guess what ;) an easter egg! The hair comes in medium and large and with a color hud. The fedora hat is from Coco. The black antique bag is a gift at the Japan Fair 2014 from Schoen. The pink dress is from Ambrosia a dollarbie at the Japan Fair.

Dress on the first pictures: Patulas House - * Patulas House Easter 2014 Alexandra Dress (free)
Cake: What Next - {what next} Easter Cake - Pink Frost -  LTD Group Gift (free)
Hair:Divalicious Designs -  Easter Egg (Divalicious Designs )(free)
Pink dress: Ambrosia at Japan Fair - ***Ambrosia***Mesh:Spring Flowers[sakura_pink](1ld)
Bag: Schoen at Japan Fair - *::Schoen::* Japan Fair 2014 Gift (free)
From inventory: Fedora - Coco (free); Sandals - Coco (free)

Bye bye, Nic