Monday, October 24, 2016

sticky fingers (Candy Fair 17th - October 31st)

It's all about food and sweets today. Autumn day at the beach. A fresh breeze and cotton candy. For her sticky fingers she has a box of tissues on the car. Nic is standing in front of her adorable cotton candy car, a release from mushilu at Tres Chic. See full size picture below. Many colors available. The melted candy is on her shoes from .{PSYCHO:Byts}. These Creepers shoes contain a hud to change different parts of the shoe. You also can choose with melted on or off. It's a special at the Candy Fair. The frame with melted chocolate is from Pewpew at Kustom9. Also from Kustom9 is the hoop earring from Tableau Vivant. The pineapple lantern is the new groupgift from MadPea. The dinner tray with beer and burger is a new groupgift from Shutter Field. In the shop also a dinner tray with wine and steak and more old groupgifts.
Nic's outfit is a new Hoodie from i`piteme. Nic is wearing it with a leather pants from her inventory. (From Moimoi an old selfie gift/ may be still in your inventory!). The necklace with bat is a gift from Florian at the H@s tag event.

Hoodie: i`piteme - ~i~ Jenny Long Hoodie (NEW)
Top under hoodie: i`piteme - ~i~ Pamela Mini (NEW)
Shoes: .{PSYCHO:Bytes}. at Candy Fair - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Melted Creepers (NEW)
Hair: Exile - Exile::Memory Bliss naturals
Necklace: Florian at H@stag - *FLORIAN* Halloween Necklace (free or 5ld)
Earrings: Tableau Vivant at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (Tableau Vivant)(9ld)

Cotton Candy Car: mushilu at Tres Chic -Cotton Candy Car Pink (NEW)
Tissues: Soy. at K9 - Soy. Tissue [addme] (9ld)
Dinner tray: Shutter Field - [sf] Dinner Tray - B&B - group gift - ( free/ but group join 50ld)
Chcolate frame: Pewpew at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - Pewpew!(9ld)
Lantern: MadPea - MadPea Group Gift MadPea Pineapple Lantern (GG/ free)
From inventory: Leather pants - MoiMoi ( old gift); crates - old gift from revival
Pictures made at: The Mill
Bye bye, Nic
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

anyway you want me

Any way you want me .well that's how i will be...
Tjip again after a long time in a blogpost. I was reading a notecard about a new gift at the mens stufflounge from Bravura, the jacket with hoody.  I liked the picture and decided to get tjip out of the dust and dragged him online for a new photoshoot. Tjip already was in the Menstuff group. Group join is 50ld. There are  many gifts in the stuff lounge, so joining is worthwhile.
Nic opened many boxes from the anniversary at Kustom9 and discovered these male sandals and the string necklace. Tjip is wearing his jeans from American Bazaar.  Poses with crates are from Le Poppycock from a gacha, called "time out". I used the animare hud to change his pose a bit ( no hand through his wide jeans for example).
His soft beard is from the Men Only Hunt. Search a glass of beer (hint: watch high)
The set with the white tank and blue cargo pants is from [R] 360, a groupgift. The bag is an oldie from tjips inventory from Mr. Poet.

Jacket with Hoodie: Bravura at MenStuff Lounge - !BBN! BRAVURA Boite Noir Hunter Jacket (free/ but group join 50ld)
Sandals: [VERSOV] at K9 - [ VERSOV ] SANDOV_k9 bday (9ld)
Necklace: BOYS TO THE BONE at K9 - string necklace - kustom9 gift (9ld)
Tank and cargo: [R]_360_Urban_Cargo_Pants_(M-Blue)_[BOX] ** (free)
Beard: Nivarro  at MOH hunt -Nivaro- Snazzy Beard Gift ( free)
Poses: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *Time Out* For the Time Being and More then enough (gacha)
From Inventory: jeans- American Bazaar; Bag- Mr. Poet; Hair - No.Match; ring -[kunst] , cross necklace - etham
Pictures made near the Nivarro shop
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, October 22, 2016

waiting for your return

Waiting for your return. And in the meantime shopping time in sl and enjoying making pictures.
Shopping time at the H@s tag event running from 10th-30th october. The presents there are 0ld,1ld, 2ld, 5ld, 10ld or 15ld. From the event you can see the black buttoned dress (leather). The dress has a purple color inside. You see this a bit when you move. A good combination with the purple part of the ChicChica halloween present shoes. Be alert: there is another gift in the shop, pumps, also in orange and purple.The clutch ( with color hud) is an october groupgift at Le Fashion Whore. The bag is from the same shop but at the H@s tag event a gift. The heart glasses are also from the H@s tag event. They have many glass colors also pink. I will save those for pinkie days.
Kustom9 had again some nice 9ld items: the hoop earrings and the necklace ( in many colors).
And last but not least i am thrilled about this hair from Shi. It was hell of a job to get the hair at Shiny Shabby, because i had to fight the lag. Relogged several times and then it was easy.
Longtime i forgot my sweet harpei's from Black Bantam. But here they are .... my sweet companions.

Shoes: ChicChica - :::ChicChica::: Halloween GIFT (free)
Dress: InsomniaStore at H@s Tag - Gift H@s tag Buttoned dress ( free)
Sunglasses: [RS] at H@s tag -  [RS]Sunglasses  HEART BIANCA 13 COLOR ( 2ld)
Bag: Le Fashion Whore at H@s tag - Le fashion Whore - Jessie handbag gift (5ld)
Hair : Shi at Shiny Shabby  - Shi Hair . Hearken . Unisex (NEW)
Clutch|: Le Fashion Whore - Le Fashion Whore - October Group Gift Clutch and heels (not shown here)- Fatpack (free)
Necklace: Clef de Peau at K9 - Clef de Peau Outlet.Mia Necklace.K9 Anniversary Gift (9ld)
Hoops: Tableau Vivant at K9 - Tableau Vivant\\ simple hoop in silver and gold ( 9ld)
From inventory: Bracelet -[kunst] ( at K9/gift); Harpei- Black Bantam
Pictures made at: Dragon Rose Isle
Bye bye, Nic