Monday, January 23, 2017

it's hard.. missing you

Looking through the window..longing for him.. it's hard missing you guy...

Nic is again wearing a Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) set that i bought last friday.  This one is from Dead Dollz. Love this sexy set. And no it aren't stains on her are small diamonds (see below for a close-up). Nic's hair is in soft blue the januari groupgift at red Mint. I bought them in brown. The circlet on Nic's forehead is a gift at the Vintage Gacha Fair. The rug and the half round table are also gifts from that fair. The elegant grey shoes are in the lucky board at Like Design

Hair: red Mint - (r)M Hair, No.48'17 (Brunettes/ not free) (in soft blue / free)
Shoes: Like Design - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Simply Elegant (free)
Top and skirt: .::Dead Dollz:.. - .::Dead Dollz:.. Cassandra - Pearl (FLF 50ld/ last friday/ now normal prize)
Armband: OXIDE at TVGF - Oxide Aeni armband ( with hud ( free)

Rug: Runic Design at TVGF- Green Scratchy Rug [Runic Design](free)
Table: Lilith's Den at TVGF - Haldf round side table Vintage Gacha gift box Lilith's Den(free)
The cupboard with decorations - dust bunny; Gardenhouse - DRD
From inventory: Head - LeLutka, skin - LAQ; pomeronians - MishMish
Pictures made at the Caboodle Sim
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, January 22, 2017

just me and the lie catcher

Nothing more ... just me... and the lie catcher to keep all secrets inside.
I am so happy with this super nice set from Caboodle, that i bought last friday, that although the FLF item as FLF sales items is gone, i still wanted to blog it. You can get it now for the normal prize. It's so beautiful. In this post also free items. The long hair from Like Design, you can get from the lucky board. The rose jewelry is a gift at Designer Showcase. That funny Lie Catcher is a gift at The Vintage Gacha Fair. Shoes are from Nic's inventory.

And i don't lie when i write here that there is a free mesh body in the Midnigh Mania at Lucyshoes. with mesh feet and a good hud ( Laura told me). So run who doesn't have a mesh body. You can wear nice mesh shoes, that they sell everywhere and use appliers for this body. And change the body like you want ( may be like you are with your system avatar) . Go here.

Outfit: Caboodle - Caboodle Raven Outfit pack 1( flf item from 20/1/2017/ now normal prize)
Jewelry: J&W Jewelers  at Designer Showcase - J&W Jewelers - Helena Collection pink (free)
Lie Catcher: Faida at The Vintage Gacha Fair - [Faida] Lie Catcher PACK (free)
Hair: Like Design - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Manar Hair (unpacked)( free/ lucky bord)
Lucy Mesh body: Lucy shoes  In the Midnight mania (free)
From inventory: Booties - Essenz
Pictures made near the Cheeky Pea Mainstore
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, January 21, 2017

the path of destiny ( the 11th Vintage Gacha fair)

For those who build castles or like medieval role-play some free furniture is welcome, isn't it?  Tjip isn't in medieval roleplay clothes, so let's assume he arrived in a hotel with a medieval style ok? He is a bit rough styled with his metal spikes earring and his sturdy necklace and his boots. But the coat is an elegant one. Comes without the shirt. I took an old hunt shirt from Legal Insanity from tjips inventory.
The medieval furniture i found on the Vintage Gacha Fair as gifts. You can find the rustic supper table, a box with  bread, pies and chocolats, the light rug  and the floor messy cloth, the Celtic ottoman and the potted palms all as gifts there. The picture are made in a rustic pavilion from Trompe Oeil. The pile of books are from Cheeky Pea

Taxi to The Vintage Gacha Fair (TVGF)

Coat: American Bazaar - [AB] Trench Coat (free)
Necklace: [Fallen Gods Inc.] at TVGF - 03Vintage Gacha gift box [Fallen Gods Inc.] 03 (free)
Earring: ERSCH at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box [ERSCH] (free)
Hair: [INK] - [INK] Hair_Seed Black
From inventory: shirt- Legal Insanity ( old hunt gift);skinny jeans - paul polo;

Celtic ottoman:Kitty Creations at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box - Kitty Creations (free)
Rustic supper table: Velvet Whip at TVGF - [V/W] Rustic Supper Table (free)
Pies and bread and more: Kei Spot  at TVGF - Kei's Sweets 2 - (free)
Rug: Lacrime dell'anima  at TVGF -  dell'Anima Rug - Set Traditional I(free)
Floor messy cloth:[Libertine] at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box [Libertine](free)
Potted palm:  Simply Shelby at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box - Simply Shelby
Pile with books: Cheeky Pea - Book Nook Strapped Books (gacha item/
Rustic Pavilion: Trompe Loeil - Trompe Loeil - Rustic pavilion
Pictures taken near the Vintage Gacha Fair