Monday, February 20, 2017

this morning bird fluttered down for sweets

Even fashionista fairies have their needs. They love sweets. She fluttered down surrounded by floating feathers and landed near the tables from % Percent.The tables are a release for The Hipster Fair. On the tables sweets from Kaerri, a release for MadPea International Food Fair (February 18th - March 4th) . I will show you the delicious savory snacks later on the blog. When you click those cakes you get a piece and can start eating. Nic is wearing her new gown from !gO!.You can buy the dress in several colors at Enchantment. Theme from Enchantment this round is Cinderella. The event is running till 28th of February. The flowers on the table are from Simply Shelby in a set called dragonfly patio. I got it from the Midnight Mania. The chairs and table i will show you later. The feathers and pose are from Persefona. for the Cosmopolitan Sales room. Runs 13th - 25th Febr. There are also sets with eagle feathers. This is the classic feather set. Different colors available. Shoes are a gift from Emily C only for Maitreya ( in 3 colors)
That's it for today. Now she will enjoy the sweets.

Dress: !gO! at Enchantment - !gO! Hera dress - 3 (NEW)
Shoes: Emily C - EmilyC Shoe Kalina // Maitreya (free)
Poses and feathers: Persefona at CSR - Floating feathers Morning bird ( pink) ( NEW)

Plant: Simply Shelby - Part of SS Spring Dragonfly Patio Set-VRS2 ( free/ MM)
Tables:  %Percent at The Hipster Fair - %B Percent Diner Set (NEW)
Sweets and drinks: Kaerri for MIFF -Kaerri MIFF Exclusives (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - DeLa, Wings - KR
Pictures made at Enchantment 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, February 19, 2017

in a hurry

For this post i had not so much time not lots of free stuff like in yesterday's post, because i had a busy day in rl. But what i show you is in my opinion a sweet beautiful set from KiB Designs. You can buy this set and get it with 3 shorts colors for 99ld. It's a special for The Hipster Fair. The shoes are from the Valentines gacha at Reign. 50ld each try. Nice sexy lingerie is in the gacha too. The bag with siamese cat is a gift at Bipolar Kitty.

Outfit: KiB Designs at The Hipster Fair - KiB Designs - Iri Outfit (99ld)
Shoes: REIGN - REIGN.- GISELE LACED HEELS (MAITREYA)- NUDE #10 ( gacha/ each try 50ld)
Bag: Bipolar Kitty - *Gift* ~BK ~Siamese Kitty Leather handbag ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Elikatira; head - Bento LeLutka; Body - maitreya, Skin- LAQ
Pictures made near the REIGN shop
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, February 18, 2017

a cozy saturday afternoon (hipster fair presents and more)

They had a very good time together this lazy saturday afternoon. On the pictures they are hanging relaxed on the beautiful sofa from Soy. Nic's hair is still a bit a mess because of the hugs she got and because of the pillow fight they had, because he said such funny and crazy things. Springtime influences his hormones.

What are they showing for you on the pictures? Both have a cup of coffee and glasses from the hipster fair that is running now. Nic's tattoo is also from that fair as well as tjips shirt with tie. On the Hipster fair are so many presents. From the XOXO hunt are the posters with roses and the wooden tree with love birds ( see below). The info about the XOXO hunt see here.
Nic is wearing hair from Monso. Her top is a present at the new round from The Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The leather pants are still at Ricielli ( old hunt item)  The shoes are a limited week offer  from  50ld  with a huge hud from TRS Designs.
Tjip is wearing hair from Mina. Jeans from his inventory from American Bazaar. Over his shoulder jacket is from Gabriel from a sweater and jacket over shoulder combination.
Animals around them are ofcourse from JIAN. The red flowers everywhere are from keke. The pencils near Nic are a gift from keke. Branch in a big bottle is also from keke. The stone side table and the orbit ornament are both from {anc}.The tea set on the table is from [[RH]]

Nic is wearing:
Top: Elegance Boutique at CSR - Cosmopolitan Group GIFT - Top " Efuli - Elegance Boutique (free)
Pants: Ricielli old hunt item/halloween hunt - Ricielli Adalia leather pants (15ld/ still in the shop)
Shoes: TRS Designs - TRS Lacy Fatpack Collection (50ld/ limited week offer)
Hair: Monso -  [monso] My Hair - HyunA /Mixed
Tattoo: .:AS:. at  The Hipster Fair - .:AS:. Madama Tattoo omega/ slink/ maitreya/ the mesh project (free)
Glasses: Kib Designs at The Hipster Fair - THF2017- Female Gifts- KiB Designs (1ld)
Coffee: #187#  at The Hipster Fair -  #187# Hipster Fair 2017 Gift BOX (free)
From her inventory: Bento head - Lelutka; Body - Maitreya; Skin- LAQ

Tjips is wearing;
Shirt: ::ARTIZANA - at The Hipster Fair - :: ARTIZANA :: NIDOLO XIV
Jacket on shoulder : Gabriel - Part of ::GB::jacket on shoulder& shirt set / Black
Hair: Mina - MINA - Bas - Black
Shoes:  Native Urban at The Mens Warehouse -NU- Enhanced Boots black ( gift) ( free)
Glasses: Kib Designs at The Hipster Fair - THF2017- Male Gifts- KiB Designs (1ld)
Coffee:  #187#  at The Hipster Fair -  #187# Hipster Fair 2017 Gift BOX (free)
From his inventory: Hair - Mina, jeans - American Bazaar

Wooden tree: Hanaya - Hanaya love birds ( XOXO hunt) (free)
Posters with roses: Chimia - Chimia:: XOXO Love Poster ( free)
Pencils and pens: keke - keke pencils and Pens GIFT ( free)
Bench: Soy. - Soy. 10 onz Pure Cotton Sofa
From inventory: Red flowers and branch in big bottle - keke; animals - JIAN. Table and orbit ornament - {anc}
Pictures made at L2 Studio
Bye bye, Nic
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