Monday, June 27, 2022

it started peacefully


In the beginning there came two raccoons. Nothing wrong with that. But when there were three of them, they became more and more brutal. A cheeseburger fell into the sand, because Nic became nervous. And hey where did the apples go? I had a long wait at this place today because José wanted to join me at the blog, but he had to work in rl too. There was no good free outfit ready and then he had to go back to work again. So I said another time is better. In the meantime the racoons took the place over!
Nic is showing you a top and pants. They are in the Saturday sale at Salt&Pepper. With her store credits  she could buy a lot there. With a giftcard of Bumblebee I bought the booties ( in 2 length). And a week ago a new group gift of Truth was released. So from top to toe all free items. Many people have the Truth group membership. 
Behind nic is the free barbeque. Bought with the credits card of Dust. It is fun to use this BBQ. You can follow a realistic baking process. Nice to do it together with friends. The bar cart of [kunst] is in the Happy Weekend Sale. At the cart you see the lemonade dispenser, a gift of Dust

Booties: Bumblebee - Bumblebee - Vandal Slouch Boot - Black ( free/  with the gift card of S&H)
Top: Salt&Pepper - S&P Farah top aqua (free/ with store credits of S&H/ and in Saturday Sale)
Pants: Salt&Pepper - S&P Farah pants white (free/ with store credits of S&H/ and in Saturday Sale)
Hair: TRUTH VIP -  TRUTH VIP Eclipse (NEW/groupgiftgroup join fee)
Eyes: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Eyes/Group gift/ (free)
Belly Piercing: - Secrets - - Secrets - Cherry Piercing - SL19B - Gift (free)
BBQ: DUST - DUST: BBQ Cooking Experience - Black ( free/  with the gift card of S&H)
Lemonade: DUST at S&H: - DUST: Lemonade Giver BOX (free)
Bar cart: [ kunst ] - [ kunst ] - Bar cart (Happy Weekend Sale) 
From inventory: Raccoons- TLC Animals 

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 26, 2022

the icing on the cake

The icing on the cake ( in Holland we say: the cherry on the cake) is a saying that means: the detail that completes the work or an addition that benefits the whole. Well Nic is a cherry lover😉and she likes details. 
At the Shop & Hop event all those store credits and gift cards that we get are really the icing on the cake too. So go go go and get those credits. List here. With the giftcard of Poison Rouge I bought this dress for Nic. Some details in this blogpost are the beautiful eyes, the "bees" earrings and the glasses. I found them all for free at Leronso, a skin shop that I didn't know about. The milkshake is a present at the SL19B gift area. For me the hair is free, because I am in the Mina Group. If you aren't in the group you have to pay 200ld for the membership. 
The bag and the pose are in the Saturday Sale at heart poses.

Dress: Poison Rouge - POISON ROUGE Alheli - Celeste BOXED (free/ bought with credits at S&H)
Hair: MINA - MINA - Frankie Essentials - excl.VIP group gift (free/ but group join fee)
Earrings: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Gift/ Earrings "Bees" (free)
Glasses: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Group gift/ Sunglasses "Panorera" (free)
Eyes: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Eyes/Group gift/ (free)
Milkshake: Rusalka Writer  - Milkshakes! Gift a dispenser tray ( free/SLB19B gift area)
Pose: heart poses - heart poses ::  life is a beach (fatpack with props) (Saturday Sale)
From inventory: necklace - Supernatura, dog - Rezz Room; scooter- .:Tm:. Creation

Bye bye, Nic


Saturday, June 25, 2022

labrador pup


It was a calm morning meditation with my dogs. I made the pictures at the Satori sim. A place with many meditation possibilities.
How cute the labrador puppy. There are more colors you can choose from if you click the pup. It is a static hold version. Available in the Fifty Linden Friday sale at JIAN. Also Nic's hair is in the Fifty Linden Friday sale. You get a huge natural pack or a color pack. Nic's top and skirt I bought at the Vagrant stand at Shop&Hop with the credits of that shop. In the Saturday sale is the beautiful  necklace of Earthstones. This is the moonstone version. Also with other stones available.
The bear earring you can get at the SL19B Gift Area
Top and skirt:[ vagrant ]-[ vagrant ]- Isabella Skirt - Tender Edition ( free/50% sale Shop& Hop and bought with S & H credits)
Hair: bonbon - bonbon - esme hair (Fifty Linden Friday)
Puppy: JIAN Pets - JIAN Pets / Held Baby Lab Pup (Fifty Linden Friday)
Necklace : EarthStones - EarthStones Rowena Necklace ~ Moonstone (Saturday Sale)
Earring:  Bears gone wild - Bears Gone Wild SL19B - bEarRing sets Crate  (free/SL19B gift area)
Bracelets: NaaNaa's - NaaNaa's Caninye Bracelets Gold ( free/bought with credits S&H event)
From inventory: Labrador - Rezz Room
Bye bye Nic