Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dutch Touch skin sale!

Skins are definitely my biggest love in SL, I can't really explain it, but something about a well painted, original face can make me stare at my avi for a long time :) Creepy huh... I was so happy to get a message through the Dutch Touch subscribo about a skinsale, it really made my day. A few single skins are marked down 50%, you can recognize those with a label attached to them. This includes skins in the Dune and Mauve collection and also in the PiP and Punk series from Cleo and Jolie.

Since my linden balance wasn't smiling at me today I only was able to retrieve two skins. The first one shown is Rust from the Dune Collection, the second one Pip7 from the Jolie collection. The third one I allready had in my inventory, its Punk2 from the Cleo collection, shown is the palest version in Pale Apricot, but the sale is only one the cream, caramel and olive skintones.

Ty Joe for the Dune skin, I'm really loving it! :) And Iki Ikarus, if by any chance you'd ever read this... Thanks so much for being one of the bést (skin)creators in SL!

Kus Nere

P.S. Hair is by fri.day, Ylena.2 in Scornful Red.. my very favorite hair at the moment.

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