Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's in the delivery or lack of..

Since Nere (and Mare) are still away there has been a lack of fancy photos. Meet my half hearted attempt in their honor. Hoping maybe it will distract you from the fact i'm posting just a few things and one picture in this post. I'm actually working on the Burning Hearts Hunt - which you can read about here. About half done so (RL permitting) I'll have some goodies to show you tomorrow or the next.
My outfit is the current group gift at Poised called Homicide. So cute and versatile, comes with jacket, transparent shirt and bikini under as well as skirt and pants options. Love it. Shoes are freebies from In Her Shoes called Betty Dots. In case your not shoed out after the shoes hunt, check it out for loads of great shoes for free. Summer Noodle Chair is a great freebie from Burned Rice and has several cute poses.

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