Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hunt at paper.doll

This is NOT a freebie hunt. paper.doll and noir*lily have put out 14 (7 each) very easy to find pink boxes in the shop marked at 14L each. Unfortunately, at the shop you can't see what your getting for your 14L. Fortunately- you have me to show you! I wasn't a huge fan of the clothes from this hunt but the jewelry from noir*lily is really lovely. Taxi here to {paper.doll} & noir*lily new location.
n*l Bubbleheart
n*l Heart Set
n*l Love Necklace
n*l All you need is Love set

n*l Broken Heart Necklace
n*l Heart*Bow Earrings & Ring
n*l le coeur set
{paper.doll} BeMine!
{paper.doll} KissMe!
{paper.doll} WrappedV2-Hearts-Black/White
{paper.doll} Wrapped V2-Hearts-Red/White
{paper.doll} Wrapped V2-Hearts-Pink/White
{paper.doll} Wrapped V2-Hearts-Pink/Black
{paper.doll} TweedMini-Hearts-Pink/Black

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