Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution Hunt - Part 1

My first hunt of the New Year. I'm about halfway through so thought I would take a break and show you some of the goodies. Destiny Leimes, the owner of PASARELLA, is the organizer for this hunt, so not only is joining the hunt group helpful you get a wonderful PASARELLA gift too. Looking for pencils in this hunt (wouldn't want to write your resolutions down in ink now would you?) and there is also a Blog on the hunt here. Now onto Part 1:
PASARELLA ECLIPSING MOONS DRESS - Join hunt group check past notices.
PASARELLA Gift: Skin - Pink Moon

Ducknipple: Oprah Hoodie with Barks Blokker (not sure what all that means but it's cute).
IrEn: Sue hair with cap.
ESSENTIAL SOUL STUDIO N POSES: Wine N Party (I love this!!)
Zahir Design: Hulst Bikini

Delicious: Sparkle Satin Dress
Magia: Heavy Gold bracelet (Unisex)

more to come later...

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