Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have Faith in Your Style!

Thanks to the tip in the chatter from Tara (thanks Tara!), thought I would go check out FK Virtues. Lucky for me, the owner Faith Kaestner, (hence her cute tag line - have Faith in your style) was there and took some time to tell me about her shop. She's had the shop only a couple months - but looking at the quality and style of the clothing you would think she's a very seasoned professional. All her clothes come in multiple layers, so there is seemingly endless mix and match combinations. Currently, there is a free pair of 23 grey jeans in the subscribo (ladies AND men's) and an awesome lucky board outfit. Check it out for yourself at FK Virtues.
FK Virtues: She Wants Revenge Bag's: Love Hurts Tee comes with Zesty - Lowrise Jeans
(lucky board prize)
FK Virtues: Sharpie Mini - Brown (175L) with B-Girl Lite-Blue Jeans (175L)
Boots: SAH prize from Courtisane - Marie Lu
FK Virtues: Logo Tank-Top Red (free tank with all jeans purchases)
FK Virtues: Female 23 Gray Jeans (Subscribo gift)
SD Wears: Ovation Jacket (Current Group Gift)
Skin: Pacadi Skins - LIGHT - makeup #07a (15L sale going on now!)
Hair: My new find at Mustache: Sabrina in Strawberry (sadly, not free)

FK Virtues: Mens Crush - Blue Jeans w/ Boxers (175L)
FK Virtues: ZipUp Sweatshirt - Freezy Blue with Mens 23 Gray Jeans (subscribo gift)
FK Virtues: ZipUp Sweatshirt - Concrete Gray with Mens Crush - Blue Jeans w/ Boxers (175L)
She's still working on getting her men's line out on the floor but was generous enough to let me show this stuff off. I LOVE that all her men's doesn't require the prim attachments, since some men do seem to be prim challenged (ahem, triper)
Thanks Faith!

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