Friday, January 15, 2010

Heat Wave Hunt - Part 1

Heat Wave Hunt started today. Looking for a yellow sun. Nice, manageable hunt of only 50 shops (loving these ones lately). Starts at Alexohol Fashions. If you want more information on the hunt you can find it here. Big thank you to AlexandraM Guisse! Now the goodies!
DYN: Pop Dress (Skullie) with Holy Leggings
IrEn: Nora Hair
AQUA: Sizzler Red Dress
Holli Pocket: Winter Wonderland (<3>
Tiger Inside You: dolcegun jeans
Pictures on location from Relentless Couture: My Beach House

Heart & Sole: River Pink Heels
Relentless Couture: White Sundress
Lollipopz: Ariel - Light Brown Hair

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