Friday, January 22, 2010

HAIII!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (x100) I missed you all!!! I can't believe i'm using my laptop again. Oh gosh I thought I'll never blog again! I missed blogging more than anyone could expect, and I missed you all moreeee! My flight is in 1 hour! Yippy =) So I need to blog quickly and go to the airport :O No talking about items and saying how much i adore them this time, but put in mind that i blogged these only because they're soo sexy! Also my 'to blog' list is growing like mad :/ I got like 100 something stuffs listed down to blog -_- have fun!

Poses: Model.Poses from packs number 3 and 4! Go try them out! (

Hairs: 22nd release. Go demo them strawberry bubbles!

Left to right
-*Staged* Group Gift January '10' Welcome to the Future - Join the Staged group n check notices. 50L$ fee.
-Baiastice_D. Casting-Runway Make up - Send Sissy Pessoa a notecard to join the BAIASTICE group and check notices.
-*CUPCAKES - January Skin Gift - DIAMOND LINE - Join the CUPCAKES group and check notices. **Fee is currently free for some days only!** (((Blogger was giving me stupid errors when I typed the full group name, Just check Rosemary Galbraith's profile or my profile and look in the groups)))

Hairs:'s January 15th release. Go demo these hairs! I loveee them to bites!

Taxi to

That's all angels! Have a nice day and wish me luck in my trip :]


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