Friday, January 29, 2010

Misc Stuff blah blah..

I've kind of done the January hunts to death. So I'm taking a break waiting for the February ones to start. February 1st is on a Monday so prolly won't be able to get any of those blogged until next weekend :( A few new releases from and some lucky chair stuff I was digging today and thought I would show off. Have a super weekend everyone! Draped.Back Sweater (New release - not free)
Skirt: HONEY DressVol 0033 - Lucky Chair Item comes with sweater (not shown) Mandy2 - Anxious Blond Hair (New release - not free but fabulous) Mandy2 - Anxious Blond Hair (new release - not free)
[M2M]..::Purple Top - Tulip Set - Lucky Chair Prize (thanks Yumi ❤)

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