Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My dear friend Karina has given me the hunt bug. And recently a hunt came up that spoke to my most favorite aspects of SL, so she let me do a little blogspot about it. The 1st Annual Steam Hunt offers a unique opportunity to discover some amazing creations in SL. The Steampunk genre is known for its inventiveness and creativity set to a Victorian backdrop, ripe with opportunities for fun roleplay as well as just fun dressing up! On this hunt, I discovered some fascinating shops that are definitely on my return to list. This hunt had it all, clothes, accessories, furniture, gadgets, textures and vehicles. Below are a few of my favorite finds. (Only those indicated as hunt item actually came from the hunt).

On the left, hunt item Trashy Victorian Doll Dress by WEiRD DESiGNS, hair BeRibboned by M’Ladys, shoes Black Bow Pumps by Duh! It’s My Store. On the right, hunt item Brown Leather Work Suit by NachtMusik, hair Boarder (Penny) by Bryce Designs, hunt item monocle by E&D Engineering. Skin in all these photos is Kate (Forest/Suntan) from League.

I LOVE this hat. Hunt item A Steampunk Hat from The Hatter is Mad, hunt item necklace Planetary Gears from Lantian, hair Jess (Chestnut) from Truth.

My most favorite hunt item, Steam Sparrow Flying Hansom from Munro Imaginary Motors. Outfit is Willow Couture from UK Couture, hair Nadia (Auburn) from Elika Tiramisu Designs. The cute little bird in the background is a hunt item too, Mechanical Bird from Damani. He wanders around aimlessly bumping into stuff, very cute.

This was also the first time I joined a hunt group, and the people on it were so helpful and fun, they really made this a great experience. The group is called STEAM Hunt Punks. I think it’s time you added some steam to your style! Check it out : )

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