Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was exploring a bit today and stumbled across a cute little store named Oyakin. I had never heard of it and immediately fell for the nice ambiance in the store. Oyakin has a small range of cute looking items and basics. In the above picture I am wearing the antique tunic in brown, which I just had to buy.

Then after being satisfied with my new purchase I found a closet containing some nice freebies. Among a few other items I found the cute leggings with the frills on the cuffs and the shorts. Also the dress on the last pose was among the freebies. I was excited to blog about this new find of mine and headed home to take some nice pictures. After all, a cute store ánd freebies on top of that! I knew I found something good.

Then I did my usual daily round of freebie blogs and was surprised to see Linda Mensing from Second Life 24h also blogged about Oyakin! That girl is so fast... Here I was left being proud of my own new discovery. Linda mentioned another group gift in the notices and in there I found the frills skirt in the first pose and the armwarmers. So many thanks to Linda for telling about the gift in the notices too! Proof that her blog is really worth following, youre sure to know about new things first.

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: W&Y - hair 37
Skin: Curio - Petal Beach Pure
Tanks: !Ohmai - HighRise Tank
Pumps: Periquita - Beda Sandals

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