Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post #2..A Hunting I shall go..

So today I thought I would try and be a bit more organized with my hunt goodies, and TRY to combine more pieces to make one look :)
  1. Nayar-Mixed and Mingle(MM) Gift-Drawstring Tank
  2. Vixen-Hair. (MM) Gift
  3. Blackstar- Skirt,Hunt gift
  4. [JP]- Bandana,Hunt gift
  5. Obscene-Skin. @ Skin fair
  1. Black no.1-Skin found in grp notices!
  2. Thalias-Jeans,MM gift (comes w/another top)
  3. Nayar-Top,MM gift
  4. The Blue Pearl-Necklace/bracelet shown 20L for them
  5. Vixen-Hair , MM gift
  1. Axe Wear-Outfit,MM gift
  2. Mstyle-Pink Visa, 1L
  3. Jodiefied-Rainbow Neckalce,1L
  4. ETD-Hair,Felicity not free
  5. On The Catwalk-Skin,not released
  1. Axe wear-Outfit,Midnight Mania
  2. Jodiefied-Mute Rainbow Necklace
  3. ETD-Hair,Elizabeth,not free
  4. On The Catwalk-Skin, not released

  1. Blacklace -Lingerie sets,MM hunt gift
  2. Maitreya-Hair,Faye not free
  3. On The Catwalk-Skin,not released
  1. Damiani-Lingerie/Bikini,Skin fair gift
  3. On The Catwalk-Skin,not released/store closed

  1. Niniko-Big Shirt,not free (185L I believe)
  2. Belleza-Skin,grp gift
  3. Foam-Hair,store closed (?)
  4. Holli Pocket-Jeans,Classics-(120L)
  1. W&D -Red Trinity Jacket-1L
  2. Blaze- Boyfriend Buttondown,MM hunt gift
  3. Rockberry-Skin, Cinderella Hunt gift (past hunt)
~~ While I enjoy the awesome hunt gifts, I still shop and below is one of my most recent mini's :0)

  1. Karma.-Skin,Jolina-Not free
  2. Karma.-Hair,Diva-Not free
  3. C.Smit-Mini Dress Kylie-Not free..I HAD to have it :)
  4. Fussy-X-posed Boots-Not Free
  5. Iruru-Pearl Arm Brace-Not free

I'm starting to like this blogging craze..and getting the hang of it (yay me)

Holli Thespian-The Barbie

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