Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Perhaps some of you have heard of DeeTaleZ when it was still named Freesoul Design. DeeTaleZ offers a wide variation of avatar enhancements, not just men's women's and children's clothing, but also skins, shoes tattoos and even nails and hats. These are offered in over a dozen specialty shops. There's so much to offer DeeTaleZ has it's own sim making you feel you are walking through the city center shopping.

No wonder DeeTaleZ is referred to as Digital Avatar Artistry...

I chose this outfit since autumn is beginning in my part of the world and I felt like crawling away in a cosy sweater. This grey striped sweater dress just perfectly fits my mood with its long sleeves. It comes with the woolen socks and garters. The texturing on this dress is very refined and detailed. I'm wearing the Clara bustier from Insolence underneath to ad some sexy lace to the neckline, the leg warmers are from Cake and the sneakers from LiNe.

Another dress available in DeeTalez is this brown mini dress, which I'm not sure is even allowed to be called a mini dress... It's hardly covering anything and with its deep V-neck and it's lush texture it makes this dress one of the sexiest on the grid. And you haven't even seen the backside of it yet... Here's a little peek of the behind.

As I said, this is not by far all that is to be found in DeeTaleZ, tp over and check out for yourself what surprises await you there.

Kus Nere

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