Friday, September 4, 2009

Addiction Hunt

I did most (not all) of this hunt. In my opinion, it's one of the darker hunts. I mean it is called the Addiction Hunt, and your looking for a dirty syringe - so not too much of a stretch on that. Lots of neko (lots - this is about 50% neko shops and items at least), piercings, tattoos. Not really too much my style or Fashionista like. I won't be doing the Twisted Hunt at all for that reason. I realize everyone has different tastes, but I'm sticking with my own style, and will spend my time on the Princess Hunt - which starts tomorrow. I will hopefully be blogging that hunt as well in the next day or so. As a side note (at the top) - all the hair I'm wearing is this post is from, which currently has all their hair (and clothes) on sale. All hair is marked down to 75L. Weeeeee! All that being said, I did manage to find a couple things I liked from the Addiction Hunt and I think cater more to the vanilla masses (i.e. me). Here's my favs:

Kitteh Bitz - Sexy Kitten Dress (yes a neko shop but I likey this dress!)
House of Hucci - Addition Hunt Dress (Has two skirt options)
Luxurious World - Addiction Dress
DYN - Rosalee Dress

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