Thursday, September 24, 2009

+ Blacklisted +

Exclusive lingerie. It is more than a style. It is a feeling. Why? Because it's fun. Playful. Sexy. Chic under your clothes. Warm, with a fire on the bench. Naughty, no one sees it. Stylishly and with taste. Your body in lingerie that is worth it. A good feeling with colors to fit your body. Lingerie that accentuates your beautiful form. How often do you take the time to find something special?

In any event, lingerie is something of yourself. Nobody knows your secret, until you decide to show...

Blacklisted is a new store, initially releasing men's clothing. Recently the creator Gauge Laville decided to branch out into women's wear and poses. The lingerie shown here are from his Triple Threat Lingerie fatpack. When I received a copy of it I was immediately drawn to the fresh textures and the care for details. The little wrinkles and delicate lace trim are very well made.

Lonely Soldier, Cornbread, Be Starin'

And what in my opinion is the best quality of these releases is that they are not sleazy, but understatedly sexy. They can be ideal for seducing the one you love, but are also perfect as your little secret beneath that decent blouse you wear...

Kus Nere

P.S. The beautiful chaise I've draped myself onto is created by my friend Sophia Miasma who gracefully gave it to me for this shoot. Please visit her ManorDesigns store at her sim here to see what else she can make.

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