Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No longer a virgin ..x)

Hello^^ Some of you may know of my shop, Holli Pocket, and not only do I enjoy creating I LOVE to shop/hunt ANYwhere & EVERYwhere..So yeah, this is my first time blogging and I hope all the links works (lol)! Also, a big thanks for inviting me to guest blog Karina :)

Eventually my friend and I will be getting our blog together..but till then I plan to go blog crazy here!..Here goes..

I started to do the Mixed and Mingle Hunt (if you haven't attempted to do so, I would recommend waiting till all the shops are in place, quite messy) While I was searching I came across Nayar and they had some cute dollarbie tops!

  1. Nayar -Fishnet Sweaters tops 1l
  2. Belleza-group skin (250L fee to join) I lovve it!
  3. Truth-Farrah

Mixed and Mingle Hunt! (Just a few goodies that I found)

  1. Gift 1# Luck Inc -Complete outfit-Gotta love the boom cheek hanging out..its hot^^
  2. Nails-Although not free, when I saw these I needed them asap! *claws* Mstyle

  1. Gift95# Beauty Avatar- complete outfit & skin! I love the makeup colors..
  2. Hair-Fri.day

  1. Gift 10# Kim-this is a new store to me, very nice attire :)
  2. Skin-Exodi-skin fair freebie
  3. Hair (left)-Dernier Cri (right) Fri.day

More to come tomm. (hopefully) Beddy time^^

Holli Thespian-The Barbie

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