Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So oBscene...

I was excited to notice the.oBscene was reopening again and today was the big day. I have always been a big fan of the skins created by Kuja Akina, so I was extremely happy to find a reopening gift available instore. It's the Braelyn skin and you get it in four skin tones, one a bit goth and three natural.

Here's a close up of the beautiful face. The skin is overall very soft looking, with nice shading. The eye make up is a bit heavy to my taste, but that won't stop me from wearing it. And off course this is just an example of what Kuja can do, she has a few more skins too chose from. Due to massive lag I wasn't able to grab all the demo's but I'll surely be heading back there to take a closer look.

"Gosh why a shoot of her boobs?" I hear you think. Well it isn't very clear on the first picture, but the skin gift is shimmering with drops of water... Not only do you get the skin in four tones, every tone has a normal version and a wet version. Hence my rising out of the water in a soaking wet dress. :)

Oh and btw, the hair I'm wearing in the pictures is from another great store that has also reopened; Fascino. Be sure to check that out as well, some very nice styles are to be grabbed there.

Kus Nere

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