Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plastik special edition Bael skins

I know I've been blogging Plastik a lot lately, but hey, can you blame me when Aikea Rieko keeps releasing such awesome stuff? Her latest release is a special edition of her Bael skinline in the skintone apricot and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a sample of it.

Above skin is named Bael and is aiming on Elven skins, altho I think they can also be worn quite well for the regular type of avi's. I chose to take a picture in elvish style, so I got to wear the Plastik Common Elven Ears with it. Every now and then I like to walk around with pointy ears, so I couldn't let this pass me :)

Apricot spec.ed. - Muzik, Nouveau, NewYork

The make ups are very original with soft lush lips that pout a little. I love the fact that the make up is not too much, they are fierce yet balanced make ups.

The body is very soft with subtle muscling and not overdone shadowing. The collarbones are very well done and the bellybutton is very cute and pretty. There's not much body details going on, such as moles or little scars, which gives the body a velvety look. With each make up you will also get a version with freckles, which are some of the best subtle freckles I've seen in SL so far.

Glow - Plain, Stain, Cateye, Freck, Scales

Last picture is an example of the Bael skins in Glow, a more pale tone. The options for make ups are very divers, you can get make ups for a regular look, but also for a more fantasy like look, like the scales make up on the last close up. If you click on the picture you'll get a bigger image to look at the make ups more closely. I'm loving these and they are exactly the skintone I love, so I'll be wearing these a lot, probably with my new elven ears!

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skin: Plastik - BaelElven - Spec.Ed. Apricot or Glow
Hair: Zero Style - Emma - Auburn
Eyes: Plastik - JadedCollection - Mischa - Green
Ears: Plastik - Common Elven Ears - Glow
Dress: B@reRose - Sun Goddess v2
Lingerie: Armidi - Sentimental Lingerie - Yuletide
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - IXkin Champagne Duo

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