Monday, September 7, 2009

BareRose - really long post ahead

In my previous post I created an elvish look and in order to achieve that the first store I thought of was BareRose. I knew that would be the place to find a perfect outfit. And off course I succeeded. BareRose has a huge amount of different clothes, ranging from casual wear to chique ballgowns to fantasy themed costumes and all crafted with much details and perfection.

I'm sure most of you already know of BareRose, but its one of those stores that just has to be kept blogging about. The creator June Dion creates enormously versatile outfits of good quality and originality. And when you see the options and colors you get with one outfit combined with the price she's asking, you realize BareRose really is an outstanding store.

My friend Dido has a very different style than me. She is very creative and has a definite own style which often consists of Asian or rock influences, with a rough edge and always very sexy. She accompanied me on the above pic, warming ourselves to the fire. I'm wearing the Simple Lowrise outfit that not only came with three pants with matching belt, but also five colours of the top. Dido is wearing the Duet Simple outfit with the blue skirt and sash.

This picture may not be the best at showing the clothes, but I like it because it reflects Dido and her style very well. She is wearing the Mist outfit in black, which also comes in a more decent version, but hey why should we cover up? If you want to see more of Dido's style, visit her own blog.

Shown here is the Leather Kala outfit. I created a librarian look around it, but you can easily mix and match the parts of the outfit to create something completely different. The highwaist skirt itself is just a very versatile item. Again you get this in several colors and options.

I bought this outfit ages ago, just for the jacket. I'm wearing the complete outfit now, it comes with the pants, top and accessories, even the tats. The jacket you get in three colors and I was just absolutely smitten with the way the flexy prims on the jacket moved when you walk.

This rolled up vest and shirt is named Rolled Up Type B and the pants are from the Simple Lowrise outfit. I loved the rolled up vest, you get it in several colors and it is so easy to mix with other items.

This last outfit is an example of the fantasy themed outfits you can get at BareRose. This one was actually a gift from the last BareRose hunt that you could win if you are in the VIP group. (Just tp instore, wear a BareRose outfit and ask one of the helpers to add you to the group). Apart from great hunts like this I haven't even mentioned the wonderfull freebie corner in BareRose where you can find several nice items, or the fact that you can randomly win gifts just by being instore.

Many thanks to June Dion for being in SL :)

Kus Nere

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