Wednesday, September 30, 2009

#3 Time to get wild...

So I was going through my Dark Katz Hunt folder and mustered up this "wild" look:) I have never been a huge tat fan, but for my adverturous days I loved this wild cat print ^^ I love this look for Halloween,the red screams rawr!

  1. EtchaFlesh - Love cats body tattoo-Dark Katz gift
  2. Nosotr@s - Top & skirt-DK gift
  3. Fifferling-Mouth cross-DK gift
  4. Mstyle - Classic red nails-(150L)
  5. Evana-Skin-Midnight Mania
  6. Truth-Hair,Romy-Not free
  1. Sassy Kitty -Top & shorts-DarkKatz gift
  2. [HS]-Ruby red chain belt-DK gift
  3. [RQ]-Hair,Hope dirty blonde-Not free
  4. Fussy-X-posed boots-Not free
  5. On the catwalk-Skin,not released

Now for something sweet...

  1. [JT]- Candyset,rings,mouth necklace,& more..Luckyboard
  2. [soap] -Hard Candy Belt
  3. Sweets Party-Strawberry Cushion
  4. Pink Fuel-Skin,Diamond hunt
  5. Pr!tty-Hair,runway model Barracuda-Bangle/nails (not sure if still open?)
  6. Kim-Pink Mini-Mixed and Mingle Gift

Candy hearts & junk food..what more can you ask for,in a box? ^^

  1. Wisent Animations- junk food pose box,Dark Katz gift
  2. Paper.doll/STUFF-Candyhearts undie set

Just a quick post for tonight :)
Holli Thespian-The Barbie

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