Friday, January 15, 2016

still there and a Citroën!!!!!

Still there is, i wanted say, because the christmas gifts are there and the christmas hunt is still running at we <3 role-play. Nic shows you several things she found. The hair is from the hunt. It is Truth hair with a hud for 3 colors. It has normal size and two boobs sizes. Each hunt item is 10ld. The free items on the pictures from inder the we <3 roleplay christmas trees are: a necklace from Zenith ( the long one), the triskel necklace,  the short golden necklace, 2 armbands, a wish ring with stones (see picture below),the phoenix, stepping stones and the tree with fox. And ofcourse you can find lots of more gifts.  The sweet dress is from monaLISA at marketplace and just 99ld! with hud for 8 colors. The pumps are free at Livalle ( an old gift i think, but still there).

And below ( scroll scroll scroll) Nic and her amazing new Citroen..very short time available at Paris Metro!!!!!!

Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Catalina Sweater (Maitreya/Physique/Venus/Fitmesh) (99ld)
Pump: Livalle -{Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Ruby Sparkle(free)
Hair: Truth at WLR hunt - WHRP Hunt #22 Truth (10ld)
Long necklace: Zenith at WLR -  =Zenith=Magic Stone Necklace (free)
Triskel necklace: Sweet Lies Designs at WLR - WHRP - Gift by [Sweet Lies Desgins](free)
Ring: Le Forme at WLR - [LF] Make a Wish Ring WLRP Gift (free)
Bracelet: Aisling at WLR - WLRP - Gift by Aisling (free)
Tree with fox: JIAN at WLR WLRP - Gift by JIAN (free)
Short necklaceand the cuff : Kibitz at WLR - WHRP gift by Kibitz (free)
Phoenix: *HEXtraordinary at WLR - *WLRP - Gift By *HEXtraordinary* (free)
Stepping stones: Fuubutsu Dou at WLR - WLRP - Gift by Fuubutsu Dou(free)
From inventory: scarf - Ispachi; small ring - Silvery K ( see in posts before this one); standing fox - blackburns
Bye bye, Nic
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