Saturday, January 9, 2016

burglar on roller skates

I told you in the post before this one that i wanted show you more parts of the home from Juliet. Again i came in as a burglar but now on roller skates. If Juliet should come home, i could leave as fast as possible. All was ready for the burglar a breakfast, milk,  a laudry to fold, the dishes etc. Nic sipped an orange juice and threw it in the kitchen sink. Saw no trashbin.
Nic shows rollerskates, a sunglasses necklace, bag and a skirt from the Xmas hunt at Legendaire. I came in the shop for the groupgift and the SL frees&Offers gift. Then saw that the Xmas hunt was still there. So run before it's over. Every hunt item is 20ld. The skirt is from an outfit. Nic's hair is he third groupgift that i grabbed at Blues. From *ZD* are the blouse and the shirt, new in the shop. And in more colors. The last shirt has a hud for more textures ( Nic's shows 2 of the textures)
If you see some nice decorations in Juliet's home and want to know where they came from. Just write me. I will ask her.

Rollerskates: Legendaire - LEGENDAIRE XMAS HUNT #4 (20ld)
Skirt: Legendaire - part of LEGENDAIRE XMAS HUNT #9 (20ld)
Necklace: Legendaire - LEGENDAIRE XMAS HUNT #13 (20ld)
Bag: Legendaire - LEGENDAIRE XMAS HUNT #6 (20ld)
Hair: Blues. - Blues. Bonao - FATPACK Group Gift (free/ but group join fee)
Sleeveless Blouse: *ZD*- *ZD* Yatziri Blouse Brown (NEW)
Sweater: *ZD* - *ZD* Blouse Dolls (NEW)
from inventory: leg warmers - Monso; Tight- Karla Boutique
Pictures made at Juliet Claridge's home
Bye bye, Nic

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