Tuesday, January 19, 2016

a birdie on the bridge

What is that little red birdie telling her? May be about what he saw today in the morning at Sarawak? Did he saw Nic there? What was she doing? Picture making,  traveling or relaxing? I think she had a good time. Till next time little birdie.
Another dress from the black or white hunt on the bridge from Pixel Mode. A new release in january for Shiny Shabby. In the box is a wooden bridge with and  without snow. And with and without snow and rocks. Beautifully made. I made Nic's outfit a bit warmer with high boots from Pixel Mode from Nic's inventory and the new release bolero cape from Xen's Hats. Scroll to se the front of the dress better.
The white dress is from Merlin Creation for the black or white hunt ( white path). Hint: in the dooropening. The dress you also can get at Entice in 3 textures ( a dark grey and grey one with the words love on it and a black/ grey pattern. The model of this dress is elegant so go get them all.

Dress: Dark Water Designs - Dark Water Designs - Womens Black Path Gift (free) Tip: under a long dress from a Asian Woman
Light grey dress: Merlin Creation - [MC]Merlin Creation -  Dravia (BOWH/ free/ white path)
Hat: Xen's Hats - XH Winnipeg Hat Silver (Wear Me)
Bolero; Xen's Hats - XH Winter Bolero Jacket White (Wear Me) (NEW)
Bridge: [PM]Pixel Mode - Pixel Mode - River Bridge - Blogger (NEW/ Shiny Shabby january round/ starts 20 january)
From inventory: Boots - Pixel Mode; Hair- Rumina
Bye bye, Nic

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