Sunday, January 3, 2016

La Gazza Ladra

The name of the shop La Gazza Ladra means: the thieving magpie. This is what i learned last evening. And here they are ...lots of magpies wanting Nic's jewelry. The clothes from Nic are from La Gazza Ladra. The first set is an exclusive for 20Twenty. 20 designers do 20 days 20% off. You find it in the main shop. On the pictures the gold set. there also is a silver set. On the last pictures Nic wears a warm sweater from la Gazza Ladra. new in the shop in several colors.
And this post is a reminder for the free group join at Baby Monkey. Today last day free join. The boots are a groupgift from Baby Monkey. Nic wears a jeans from *ZD*. This jeans has a hud for many mesh bodies. So very good for wearing with boots!
The hair is one of the groupgifts from Blues. hair. I went there for the new groupgift. Happy 2016 hair).  But found also this one. Group join is 99ld. But you get immediately 3 groupgifts ( fatpacks!)

First set (onepiece); La Gazza Ladra for 20Twenty - LGL - Fortune & Fame . (Gold) Blouse and Shorts (new/ 20% off)
Boots: Baby Monkey - BM Brooke Leather Boots Basics (gg/ free/ last day today for free group join!!)
Hair: Blues. - Blues.Valerie Fatpack - Group Gift (free/ but group join fee/ 99ld/ but that means 33ld for every fatpack)
Sweater:  La Gazza Ladra~ LGL ~ Grand Canyon . (Tan) Wrap knit sweater (NEW)
Jeans: *ZD* - *ZD* High Waist Jeans Blue
From inventory: Necklace and earrrings - Ben's Beauty;
Bye bye, Nic

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