Wednesday, January 13, 2016

it don't matter if you're black or white

A black and white post for the second black or white hunt. The hunt starts 15th of january. You can take the easy path for 2016 and let everything as it was before. Or you can change things in your life, but this would mean to take on a more difficult path. The decision is yours: Black or White? Easy or Difficult? Each store will have a white hunt object (easy path) and a black hunt object (difficult path) hidden. Which part will you take? Nic took the white path and she got the top and skirt from Wicked. The black path will bring you black/white pumps( see below). Also beautiful, but nic wanted combine the outfit with her boots. The moth mask is from !gO! you get the  mask as a present ( underone of  the christmas trees) at we <3 roleplay. Don't know when the event will end, but all presents are still under the christmas trees. You get the mask in 3 colors. Run!

Top and skirt and shoes: Wicked - WICKED * Black or White Hunt 2 (free)
Moth mask: !gO! at we <3 roleplay - WLRP - Gift by !gO! (free)
Dogs:[sau] at The Mens Dept -  [sau]Tooldog[flying tiger set and naked set (NEW)
Pictures taken at we <3 Roleplay
Bye bye, Nic

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