Monday, January 25, 2016

das leiden des jungen Werthers (many MENstuff hunt items)

It's the role of a suffering student. He suffers not  like the suffering of the young Werther from Goethe. Werther's suffering was because of an unfullfilled love for Lotte. He fell in love with her but she was already married. At the end he committed suicide.
Tjip's suffering is from an different order. He suffers like  students do..thinking about things like: ..why am i here ..and what is the meaning of my life. He can't study. But Nic comes to help him. His other realy severe suffering is because of the terrible situation of so many people at this world. Poor refugees!!! Must be terrible suffering!

On the last two pictures it is another scene. It was a late night and he got drunk. Nic walks away. And he will leave.

Tjip shows MENstuff Hunt items. Nic shows a groupgift dress from monaLISA and another  dress from the same shop. The group join is 100ld. But you immediately can grab also many older presents.I made a student from tjip because of his skin from the hunt, a gift from Deluxe Body Factory. Watch the close-up below. I added a beard.

Dress first picture: monaLISA --mL- Germaine Dress (Maitreya/Physique/Venus/Fitmesh) with color hud
Brown dress: monaLISA - -mL- Jordi Dress - GIFT (free/ but group join fee)
Tjip wears: First picture: 69 Park Ave - 69 Park Ave GQ 2016 Menstuff Hunt (free)
Shoes first picture ( and close-up below) -RFYRE GRES MENS DRESS SHOES - TAPESTRY - BLACK (MST - free)
Skin first pictures:[DBF] - [DBF] Asher skin w. appliers (MSH/free)
Beige pants: Wilson's Designs - SHFORM-twentyseven - Wilson's Designs (MSH/free)
Sunglasses: Native Urban - MENstuff Hunt #045 - Native Urban (MSH/free)
Brown  jacket with shirt: Freya Iron works - Mens Mesh Cruiser Jacket - Brown (MSH/free)
From inventory: Hair Nic; Exile and little bones gift ( free); Hair tjip - Argrace; Brown shoes Tjip - Gabriel(free);  nerd glasses - (rs); bag- ::K::; suitcase- Shiny Shabby (free)
Bye bye, Nic
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