Sunday, January 24, 2016

meditation weekend in Japan

A place for meditation and being alone. But what do we see? He took his wallstreet paper with him. He need to learn TO LET GO this weekend for a good future. Am i right hey?
Tjip wears a super gift from the MENstuff hunt. Polo, cargo and boots. Many color possibilities!! Other color totally different look. Try the hud and make up your  mind. This time tjip is a blondie. The hair with cap is a 75ld hair at Cheveux. Just 1 color hair. But i like it.

Outfit: Stone Militaria - Stone Militaria Gift for Menstuff Hunt 2016 (free)
Tip: watch in the female USA chuck
Hair with cap: .:cheveux:. - .:cheveux:.KASASAGI special Hair (75ld)
Pictures made at: embryo
Bye bye, Nic

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