Thursday, January 21, 2016

it's my pleasure Mademoiselle

Waiting for Dancer. Nervous and shy. But then she arrives. "Nice to meet you ma'am". "My  pleasure  Sir". "Please follow me to the ballroom. And please be seated." Both shy. We could hear this in the last century, a period that Dancer likes very much. Tjip ofcourse will do her a favour. For those who love to do role-plays from last centuries: this are your clothes for an evening with royalties.
Tjips wears a suit from the black or white hunt. Dancers total outfit (with the boots) is from the Midnight Mania board at Cog&Fleur. The hat is also included. The system blouse and underlegs comes with omega layers. Mademoiselle is a turn of the last century governess outfit, stylish but not frivolous. Her red hair is a good match with a pale skin. Tjip wears his hair from no.match  like a dandy. Bought it at the Cosmopolitain Sales Room. That means lesser expensive then the normal hairs guys!

Dancer weared this  hair from the lucky board at Alice Project already in another post, but now in an Irish or English color red. It's from Alice Project. At the moment you can get every day a new hair free for one day only ( in frosted stripes and lovely naturals) after the free day they are 50ld. From january 16th till february 14th. For hair fanatics like me ..this is gorgeous.

Tjip wears: Outfit - Dark Water Designs - # BoWH-Hunt Gift (Black) - No.18 - Dark Water Designs (free) Tip: watch under the longskirt of the asian woman.
Hair: no.match_ at CSR - no.match_ ~ NO_PATIENCE ~ Pack of BLACKS (sales prize)
Dancer wears: Dress: Cog&Fleur - C&F Mademoiselle 2 balck and white (free/ MM)
Hair: Alice Project -Alice Project Yolanda (free/LB)
Pictures taken at: the Angel Manor Estate
Bye bye, Nic

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