Friday, January 15, 2016

italian day

Yesterday i was making jokes with Laura Azalee ( born in Italy) I told her she  must have non-Italian roots, because she said she doesn't like scooters!!!! I told her i want a cute scooter from the new Epiphany gatcha event. I will not tell details about Laura and her Italian/ non Italian ideas....otherwise she will not be save any longer in sl. But not loving scooters and born in Italy.. impossible don't you think so? ;)

I couldn't enter the Epiphany event ofcourse, because it just started. To get you in a full sim there is a  a get me in hud. When i first heard  about " a get me in hud", i tought someone was joking. But there realy is such a hud. The "Get me in!" hud uses brute force to help you get into crowded events/regions. After setting up and engaging the hud, it will attempt to teleport you every 2.8 seconds by default to the destination of your choice. Search on marketplace ( not expensive)

Yesterday i also got a invitation from Artù to visit his Italian mall. He showed me the shops. And i was pleased to find nice free clothes for males and females. So i asked Luella and Mihaly to help me with the pictures. And here we are. Dressed totally new in free clothes. Luella got her sexy top and white pants and pumps from the lucky board from Invidia Line. Nic got a dollarbie dress at Braham Design. Tjip got two outfits from the lucky boards at Invidia Line. Under the first outfit he wears a polo from his inventory. In the mall is also the well known shop Gaall with many presents upstairs. The hair from Nic is  a new subscribe-o-matic gift from enVogue.
The scarf from tjip is from the hunt at we <3 roleplay. Tip: on the roof of the Peqe shop. His pipe is a gift at we <3 roleplay.

On tjip:
First outfit: Invidia Line  - ..:::...InViDiA_LiNe..:::.. cardigan shirt and pants ( free)
Scarf: Peqe  at WLR hunt - WHRP Hunt Box  #41 Western 2.0
Pipe: Cellar Door at WLR - WLRP - Gift by Cellar Door
Second outfit: Invidia Line - ..:::...InViDiA_LiNe..:::.. pea trench coat Jacket and shirt and p jeans(free)
Luala's outfit with shoes: Invidia Line - Brandy Outfit Black and White Floreal Tribal ( free)
Nic's Dress: Braham Design -
Hair: enVOGUE - enVOGUE -  Lauren Hair - GIFT Version ( free/subscribe-o-matic gift)
Shoes: Baiastice - Baiastice_Eve pump glitter gold ( free/ but group join fee)
Outfit Nic at the bottom of this post: Invidia Line - Raffaella outfit in Black ( free/ lucky bord)
Nic's hair: Shi. Hair at Kustom9 - Shi. Street Chic (unisex)(NEW)
Shoes: H@s - H@s January 2016 ( free/ group join 10ld)
From Nic's inventory: necklace - Zenith ( see post before this one); hat- Xen's Hat ( showed before on this blog)
Bye bye, Nic Thanks Artù!
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