Friday, January 8, 2016

get on the scale

In  Juliet's home we had fun time with the bath room scale (not available any more). Even the dog and the squirrel (for his nuts) used it. Juliet invited me yesterday in the evening because, as she said, she made her home a kawai home. And oh my goodness what i lovely decorations everywhere. Immediately i thought " this is good as background for my pictures". And thanks god Laura said so. I never dared to ask, but now i could. You know i always sneak secretly in many empty homes for photo shootings, but when i know someone, i don't want disturb him or her. Juliet said oh yes do's ok. She told me many items are from gatcha's. The first picture making is in her bathroom but more will follow. That bathtube has many cute poses. No not the one from the dog. The home you can see below.
Nic shows you a warm long cardigan from Le Muguet from the Kiyomizu Winter Treasure Hunt. Ends 10th of januari! Search the cat in the side room from the shop. Boots are a groupgift at And attention: there is a sale in the shop. Hair one of the two gifts at  Pepe. I wrapped the scarf from amiable around the hairs for a winterlook.

Cardigan: [Le Muguet] - *Knit Long Cardigan* [Le muguet] for hunt (free)
Boots: -  fri. - Jessica.Boots (Redwood) (free/ but group join 50ld)
Hair: Pepe hair - Pepe Hair - Dreya - Black RARE (free)
Bathtube: floorplan - floorplan. nap tube /blue
Boot strings: Ionic - Ionic boat strings
Home: 8f8 - primavera in Toscana
From inventory: scarf - amaible, leggings- Monso
Bye bye, Nic and thanks Juliet

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