Wednesday, January 27, 2016

in the army now ( also MENstuff hunt)

Night is falling and you just can't see, is this illusion or reality?
You're in the army now, oh-oo-oh you're in the army, in the army now
You're in the army now, oh-oo-oh you're in the army now

Two times tjip and Nic in camouflage clothes. The men in MENstuff hunt outfits and Nic in a dress with a  very sexy backpart from monLISA. Comes with a hud for 10 textures.

Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Selah Dress (Maitreya/Physique/Venus)
Boots: ODDITY - ODDITY *GIFT* BOOTS ~Casey~ Basics [150130U] (free)
Glasses: ODDITY - ODDITY GIFT Glasses -TopGun- DARK [151120U](free)
From inventory: hair - Exile; bag - breath

Tjip left:
Outfit: B Barbie Style - (BBS) Menstuff Hunt Prize
Scarf: Mr. Poet - ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf (Free Gift) (free)
Hair: Damselfly - MENstuff Hunt #050 - Damselfly (1ld)
Boots: Stone Militaria - SMS Gridwalkers, Black (free)
From inventory: Bag: Mr. Poet
Tjip right:
Outfit ( scarf included): ~EccentriciXi~ - ~EccentriciXi~ Menstuff Hunt Gift 2016 (free)
Boots: Gabriel - GIFT_::GB:: Snap Camoflage Boots (free)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace
Pictures made at: Kaleidoscope
Bye  bye Nic

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