Saturday, November 14, 2015

watercolors in the rain

Watercolors in the Rain. A very poetical title ( in my opinion ) from a book from David J. Lavigne. The sim where Nic is, is build around chapters of this book. This is the London Street. Everywhere you can read bookpages and get information.
Nic wears a new set from !gO! , the blue top and pants. Ofcourse is this set in more colors available. half prize for the green top and the red pants.  I love blue denim colors, so this is the one,  i liked the most.
On Nic's hands you see a Paris Prayer tattoo. I talked about it with Laura from the Freedeology group. We both don't like commercialism around  terrible situations in the world. I can understand however that people want show their support. So that is why Nic wears the tattoo.
Oh and you got to run to get these beautiful hairs ( with color hud) from Damselfly at the Fantasy Collective ( ends the 15th). You need join the Fantasy Collective group and hit the pumpkin at the Damselfly stall. Love the braids at the right side of the hair.
Below Nic shows you a nice coat from Ever an' Angel from the Firestorm Spooky hunt (sim Firestorm HS2). Search the skull in the wood. The inner shirt comes in grey and dark red. The shoes are from the Dirty Turkey Hunt at Emporium. There is a color hud with also many prints from Andy Warhol and more plain colors. Go to the right and search with your camera behind the vendors.

Hair: ~*Damselfly*~ at FC  - ~*Damselfly*~ Free Gift Amarie Mixed (free) (ends 15th november!)
Top: !gO! - !gO! Kaja sweatshirt -navy blue (NEW)
Pants: !gO! - !gO! Kaja leggings - navy blue (NEW)
heels: EMPORIUM - EMPORIUM - Warhol Heels ( TDTH/free)
Jacket: Ever An' Angel at FHS2 - Ever An' Angel - His & Hers Hiking Jacket - Umber (free)
Bag: VF - VF mesh hand bag (1ld)
Earrings: EMO-tions - FS-SNH-Haunted -02 :.EMO-tions:. (free)
Tattoo: Passion Tattoos::: - Passion Tattoos:::Paris prayer (free)
From inventory: Fur - Tentacio ( old Gatcha item); eyeshadow- Pelle
Pictures made at: Watercolors in the Rain

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