Friday, November 27, 2015

prey or prayer

He will help her with her prayers or will help find her prey. He knows what she wants. Wisdom and prayers both can help.
Nic with her symbol of wisdom ( the owl) is standing near an Japanese rack with fortune telling paper strips (omikuji or omikuzi).
We are thinking about the victims and their family in Paris.

But Nic was also busy with more simple things: finding things in sl for you. And there is a lot to inform you about. All the Black Friday sales are overwhelming. It gives  me nearly high blood pressure problems. ;) There are so many attractive sales. One of them is the sale at Elika. All hairs 50ld till 6 december!!!Gorgeous. I recommend the hairs: Noire ( on the pictures), Katharine, Dylan and Estelle ( blogged before on an event then). Noire is a good one for wearing under hats. The others are all relatively new hairs.  The dress, boots and stockings are a gift at Brii. I went there because of .... yes...ofcourse ...the Black Friday sale. 500 items are in sale 50% off. Nic's French bonnet is from a black friday outfit as well as her glasses.
The snow owl is from a gatcha machine at Silvery K in the mainshop.

Hair: Elika - [e] Noire (50ld /black friday sale till 6 december)
French bonnet and sunglasses: Brii - part of  **LEVANAH BLACK VERSION WINTER CASUAL STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT** ( in black friday sale)
Outfit+ necklace and boots: Brii - **GARETH WINTER ROCKER STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT **(free)
Snow Owl: Silvery K -*:..Silvery K..:* Magical Gacha [snow owl]15 (gatcha)
Pictures made near the Silvery K shop.

Bye bye, Nic

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