Saturday, November 21, 2015

be prepared

Christmas morning will come soon. May be you want decorate your home.These goodies around Nic are so cute. To begin with the trollley with drinks and wine behind Nic. It is a subscribe-o-matic gift from Aphrodite. I was in that shop to watch two dinner tables. One with sweets and the other with christmas sushi, sandwiches, cheese  and more. Realy making you hungry, when you see it. I recommend to go and see. Then the  christmas coffee (1ld), pudding (1ld), icecream (1ld) and wine (10ld), at marketplace from Frangipani. The wine bottle you can give away and you can add your personal label. Great gift for friends. Love all the tiny details from the Christmas goodies.
Nic wears a corset and a silly pijama. Two different styles to surprise him. And you even can give him such a silly pijama too. Ever an Angel opened the Ever For Men shop. Group join there is free. And the gift is transferable. Cosy silly times together!
But first the Americans get ThanksGiving. Nic sexy dressed in red for that! See below.

Pijama: Ever an' Angel -  Ever An' Angel - Nov''15 Group Gift (free/ but for women group join fee)
Same pijama for him: Ever for men - Nov'15 Group gift ( free/ group join free/  and transferable)
Corset top: Moonstore - ::Moonstore:: Jean Top //Black (10ld)
Red dress ( below): BlackRose - Blackrose Halter belted Dress (free)
Coffee (1ld), icecream(1ld), wine(10ld) and pudding(1ld): Frangipani 
Trolley: Aphrodite - Aphrodite drinks trolley (free)
From inventory: Hair - little bones, shoes - Pure Poison ( was a group gatcha gift); Panties - Maitreya
Bye bye, Nic
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