Sunday, November 29, 2015

roller skater Nic

Leri Miles Designs has a nice hoodie in a gatcha machine at The little Sideshow -Otb Gacha fair ( till 4th ofdecember). You can get hoodies with ice stars or with reindeers on it in several colors. The hoodie  comes with a short top. I made the look a bit warmer. Used a shirt under the top.
I was in gatcha mood today and yesterday. Juliet and Laura learned me how to handle  my gatcha problem.. cough..cough...  I now go search for what i want at marketplace. And so i found my cute long eared Jerboa (from Half-Deer), my roller skates ( from The Secret Store), my box with sweets (oldie from Tentacio, but i still wanted this one) and in my home is now a cool waffle machine ( just 1 prim) from dust bunny. Just one wish left: nail polish with drops outside the bottle from Tres Blah. Noooo i don't go to that treh Blah gatcha place Laura... evil you!
The bag in a bag is the black friday groupgift from Shey. My sweater around the waist is a wearable demo from Orange*Pekoe. The cute glasses are a gift at MINIMAL. Necklace with wings is a tantalumgroupgift at
About the hair: Magika has some hairs in sale at marketplece ( 100ld off from the normal prize). I bought this hair so i could show and tell you about that blackfriday sale from Magika.

This was an expensive weekend, with all the super sales. But i enjoyed it.

Hoodie with attached small top: Leri Miles Designs at OtB Gatcha Fair - LMD Gacha Winter Hoodie #7 (NEW)
Sweater around waist: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - M&M - Uniform start pack ( 1ld/ wearable demo)
Hair: Magika ( marketplace black friday sale) - magika -01- Itch ( 100ld off from normal prize)
Bag in bag: Shey - Shey Milano Bag Black Friday (GG/free)
Necklace: ~Tantalum~  -~Tantalum~ Adri Winged Necklace* (GG/free)
Glasses: MINIMAL - MINIMAL Groupgift (GG/free)
Long eared Jerboa: +Half-Deer+ at marketplace -  +Half-Deer+ Long Eared Jerboa [Snow Deer](75ld)
Vintage Roller skates: The Secret Store  a Marketplace - The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates - Candy (50ld)
Sweet box: Tentacio at Marketplace - *Tentacio* sweet box RARE
From inventory: top under top- Atsumi top ( marketplace); Jeans- FA Creations ( Jessie)
Pictures made at: Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic
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