Friday, November 6, 2015

distracted..distracted all the time

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I was doing a part of the hunt from Firestorm ( the bones path), but was distracted several times. Distracted because i wanted make pictures of the presents, that Nic shows you in this blogpost. Distracted because i took Luella with me and later on Laura to guide them to the presents. The presents are in the shop in the racks, with a sign :Thank you. The good news is you need not join the Ever an Angel group to get these super gifts!!!! I already wanted the set with shorts but it was too expensive before. It is worthwhile to join the group however. The november gift is the one i didn't like so much but in other months the gifts were ok and sometimes gorgeous. And tip from Laura Azalee: "you can use a pijama to scare your bf when you go say him goodbye for the night. You need not always be sexy ))))". So i decided to take the groupgift pijama. When i loose a good friend because of that it is her fault.

Hunting is not my favorite job. I am not good in it  and the Firestorm hunt is HUGE! There are 5 sims with hunt pathes. On each sim 30! that make 150! presents. You need find a skull. Good designers are in the hunt. But oh my goodness just hints without shop names. And pictures without slurls. So we ( Juliet/Laura and me) all complained about it and decided to  divide the job and share our findings with slurls. See in some days notecards in the Freedeology group and things that i like the most will be here on the blog later.

The other distraction was the blogpost from Rudhmellowen. This day i was interested because i saw a cute picture from a man with beard with flowers. It turned out to be her hubby ( sl and rl) Hellbone!!!You need to know he is a biker and a tough guy and now with flowers in his beard ))))) What the hell is going on? See her blogpost for the funny  story here. I don't think Rudh will compain when i show her hubby here. Here he is. Mister flowerbeard, Hellbone.
First set with shorts: Ever an'Angel - Ever An' Angel - Fall Already? - Forest (free)
Warm dress with boots: Ever an'Angel - Ever An' Angel - Symbolic Outfit - Balance  boots included (free)
Gown: Ever An' Angel - Ever An' Angel - Finesse - Noir (free)
From inventory: necklace - Silvery K ( see post before this one; boots first set - Ison; Hair Tukinowaguma
Pictures taken at the firestorm hunt sim ( bones path)
Bye bye, Nic

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