Wednesday, November 11, 2015

taste of....

"What do you wanne say, Nic? You want a donut? Ok! I also bought one for you for at home.... You want to take the whole box?! Oh my goodness Nic!...You can't wear your nice new coat from Basta! then anymore. You will become to fat! But... ok i will take the whole box home".

Dancer and Nic wear both a coat from the Midnight Mania at Basta!, the Taste of Freedom coat.
A sort of  folkloric style in my opinion. Nic also wears boots from Basta! from the new groupgift gatcha. Join the group and  get a free chance. The color you will get is at random. Basta! has a new shop and location. It's more cosy in my opinion now.
Dancer went off and Nic walked in the cute shop behind them on the pictures. See below.

Dancer wears:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Bregje 9 lucky chair/ free)
Coat: Basta! Fashion -  [ B! ] :TASTE OF FREEDOM: Slate/Charcoal - Short coat Mesh/Fitm (free/MM)
Hair: little bones - little bones. color hud  with many colors Scope (free/ but group join fee)
boots:  Baby Monkey's - BM Ambra Boots minimania prizewith a HUD for many different colour combinations (free for all)
leggings: Baby Monkey's - BM Tights Fall/Winter 2015 - 16fatpack with 35 different colours (GG, free but join fee for the group)

Nic wears:
Coat: Basta! Fashion -  [ B! ] :TASTE OF FREEDOM: Slate/Charcoal - Short coat Mesh/Fitm (free/MM)
Boots: [B!] :DELMA ALLURE: (Graphite) Group Gacha by BASTA! (free/ group gatcha)
Hair: Besom - *Besom Hair~Bellinia GG November (free)
Box with donuts: StoraxTree - StoraxTree November #1 Group Gift 2015 (free)
Box with bagels: StoraxTree - Bistro Bagel Basket Aa 10L Bargain (10ld/group bargain)
Sunglasses: Go*DiVa -  Go*DiVa MiSS Glasses (1ld)
From inventory:donut in plastic bag- Tentacio; bagel in mouth - Pinecone; jeans- ZD; Necklace - RealEvil (  blogged before); table and chairs- Cleo
Pictures made at: Saint Pete City
Bye bye, Nic

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