Friday, November 6, 2015

feelin' blue

Hey, look over yonder, out in the rain..Soakin' wet fever in my brain...Now, I ain't certain which way to go..But I got to move, sure. The bar is closed. It's raining and he is soaking wet not only in his brain. His new outfit also soon will be terribly soaking wet.

This outfit is my first item from the Firestorm hunt. Told about this hunt in the blog before this one. I am glad  in this hunt are male presents or presents for him and her.The skull you can find near the building with airplanes near the water. at the sim Firestorm Showcase. It  is the Lavian gift  for males. In the box you find this one in beige, but you also can rezz this blue one. In the main shop there also is a groupgift like this. Group join is 99ld , but many male groupgifts there. I love these wild hairs for tjip from no.match combined with the beard from [Deadwool]. The bag is from ::K::
At home he dried himself and sat down with a sigh to get warm near the fireplace in a new suit. See below. The suit is also from the Firestorm hunt.

Outfit: Lavian at Firestorm Showcase sim - FS-SNH-Wicked -04 LaVian (free)
Hair: no.match - no.match_ ~ NO_REST ~ Pack of BLACKS
Umbrella: TBF - TBF mesh umbrellas more colors (10ld)
Chocolat brown suit: Fi's Creations at FS sim - Fi's Creations - CHOCOLATE Dress & Suit - boxed
From inventory: beard - Deadwool; bag - ::K::
Pictures made at: Rainy Alley  and at home.
Bye bye, Nic

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