Friday, November 27, 2015

black friday sales and a present

Now is the time to grab what you always wanted for a sales prize, Because of black friday i got lots of notecards about it. At amaible is a black friday present the warm cosy muffler. Comes with a hud for 5 colors. And it comes in rigged and non- rigged version. Nic was wearing the vest with shirt from StormCrow Designs in the warm yellow tones already. Showed this before on the blog in pink and turquoise (here) Now in black friday sale  prized ( 80ld!!!!)  The yellow has the cute dots. With the muffler Nic was looking warm and cosy. In the blackfriday sale at amiable i saw this long wide pants ( nearly a skirt). It combines all very well. All in the Stormcrow shop is 50% off till sunday midnight.

Muffler: amiable - {amiable}BLACK FRYDAY2015 Special Gift(free)
Loose wide pants: amiable - {amiable}Frilled Loose Wide Pants_YE(50% off  sale/ 100ld)
Vest with shirt: StormCrow Designs: SD VEST/SHIRT WITH HUD (50% off 80ld/ black friday sales prize)
From inventory: Boots (Serena) - Bens Beauty; hair - Argrace.
Pictures made near the amiable shop
Bye bye, Nic

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