Saturday, November 14, 2015

grande tragédie..un jour triste

La guerre en plein Paris! Cette fois, c'ést la Guerre. Carnages a Paris. L'Horreur. These are the texts on the frontpages of French newspapers today.
The world is shocked by the barbaric actions, claimed by IS.
Our thoughts go to the family, friends and relatives of the victimes and those who are hurt badly.
That is why this post is dark and sad and the pictures are made at a French place. Nic hides her eyes between her dark glasses. The long cardigan and dress is from the warm socks hunt from Wicked. It is a beautiful set and solemn for this day of mourning. You get the set with and without the dress.
The hair is a gift at marketplace from Murray. Named Catherine. May be named after Catherine Deneuve, a great French actress, symbol of French Cinema.

Cardigan with and without dress: Wicked -  # TWSH2  Hunt Gift - No.07 - Wicked
Hair: MURRAYMURRAY- Catherine (Gift) (all colors included/ free)
From inventory: Necklace - Faun, earrings - Yummy; boots - Ison; Sunglasses - DBL
Pictures made at: Le Quartier Français
Bye bye, Nic

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