Sunday, November 8, 2015

cold chonokit beach day and presents from the Firestorm hunt

I cold day at the beach, but it doesn't bother Nic in her new duffle coat, a new release from chronokit. The coat is available in several colors. And as you can see again gorgeous details. She drove to the beach in her new beach buggy. A present from the Firestorm spooky hunt. This buggy you can find at the sim Firestorm HS2. The necklace with dragon is also at that sim in the gift from EMO-tions. You get hair (Envy) and the dragon necklace and earrings. Nic still weared the earrings from Silvery K ( see a post before this one). The jeans is a male jeans, but for a tough day also good for Nic. It is a present at  the Firestorm hunt from RHD in sim HS1. Scroll to see the female part of the gift below, a sweater. behind Nic the Apothecarists cabinet, ( gift at firestorm hunt) from Noctis. Below also the gift ( male and  female) from OMG! Inc at the Firestorm hunt.
Did i tell you that you need find a skull?

From inventory updo hair from with the cute  hair pin with noodles from Ohmai!

Coat: chronokit - *chronokit* Duffle Coat 02 Camel (NEW)
Jeans: RHD - male part of  R.H.D - FS-SNH-Bones -16 Rumble House Designs (free)
Beige top: female part of R.H.D - FS-SNH-Bones -16 Rumble House Designs (free)
Red vest and red camo skirt : OMG! Inc - OMG! Inc FS-SNH-Bones -10 OMG! Inc.(free)
Beach buggy ; ! [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] - ! [MiChIGaN's ShAcK!] Firestorm Beach Buggy (free)
Apothecarists cabinet: noctis -  FS-SNH-Bone [08] noctis
Necklace: EMO-tions - FS-SNH-Haunted -02 :.EMO-tions:. (free)
From inventory: Haor Ohmai!; boots - chronokit
Pictures made at: Baja Norte and ata home
Bye bye, Nic
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