Friday, November 29, 2013

Dolphin Café

Two tops and two pairs of shoes Nic shows you. The location is Dolphin Café at Armenelos. On one of the beautiful sims of Calas Galadhon.The shoes are from Latreia for The Dirty Turkey hunt. The low shoes are the male shoes, but when you make them smaller it is a good shoe for women for wearing under pants. I love the males shoes very much. Search the hunt item near the wellies. The first sweater is the free Fantazi sweater dress. The best seller from that shop.  I bought it on marketplace. The second top is the new week's Grab-A-B!ASTA, which is on sale for 50 L$ from today until next Wednesday (Nov 28th to Nov 4th). It is sweet one but as review comment i would say that i like dresses more when those buttons are sculpted. The details are important for me.

Sweater dress: Fantaziala - Free~Fantazi ~Sweater dress ( free)
Second to: B!asta - [ B! ] :HOPEFULLY: Tube top with lace - Plum (Grab-A-B!ASTA)( 50ld - 1 week)
Shoes: Latreia - Latreia- Peggy and Zodan TDTH ( free)
From inventory: jeans - MoiMoi; hairs - both from Dura.
Pictures made at : Armenelos 

Bye bye, Nic

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