Sunday, November 17, 2013

singing in a bar

Nic at stage in a dark bar. Will she impress with her voice or seduce with her clothes? This is a new release from FA Creations. Inspired by a Lady Gaga outfit i guess.The name of the corset is Gaga. Nic is not a lady Gaga character, but i like this set on her. You get a hud for more color possibilities for the corset.The bow tie necklace from 1mm ( a groupgift) i made a little bit darker to make the golden chain lesser yellow.

Leather corset:  FA Creations - ::FAC:: Gaga Corset
Skirt: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Raven Skirt ( 50ld)
Panty: FA Creations: ::FAC:: Black Pantyhose ( 20ld)
Necklace: 1mm - !1mm*** bow tie  hige ( free)
From inventroy: Hair- Liquence; boots- Maitreya (Soho)
Pictures made at: Vintage club The Gallery at Soho New York

Bye bye, Nic

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